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  • Location
  • This checklist is to be completed by a Cushman & Wakefield Facilities Management, or suitably authorised person, in consultation with contractors or Cushman & Wakefield technicians who have completed or are in the process of performing works onsite

  • Any significant issues identified should be addressed immediately in consultation with the appropriate site/account director, or escalated to the senior account team for resolution. In these situations, works should not continue until items are adequately addressed and the IR/NCR – Corrective Action Procedure must be applied

  • Completed forms are to be retained in the pre-determined location for site records


  • Employee

  • Contractor

  • Client

  • Site Location

  • Date

  • Technician Name

  • Company

  • Work Order No

  • Description of works being undertaken:

  • Electrical

  • Mechanical

  • Plumbing

  • Building

  • Refrigeration

  • Fuel

  • HVAC

  • Carpentry

  • Asbestos

  • Other

Spot Check

  • Does the technician have current photo ID?

  • Record Details

  • Does the technician hold a current trade licence?

  • Record Licence details:

  • Has the technician completed an induction?

  • Site-specific induction?

  • Cushman & Wakefield Induction

  • Has the technician completed the site attendance book or client-specific sign in?

Does the technician have the following paperwork

  • Cushman & Wakefield Work Order?

  • Is appropriate safety documentation available and being followed? E.g. SWMS, JSA etc?

SWMS / JSA Check – if in use, verify the following

  • Details displayed, including: contractor name, task description, site/location, date applicable to works?

  • Steps within SWMS clearly outlined and applicable to scope of works?

  • Appropriate signatures available? (participants, manager)

Are the technician’s tools and equipment:

  • Fit for purpose? E.g. calibrated

  • Tested and Tagged? (List date) Including RCD units in use.

  • Is the required PPE being worn for the task at hand as per the SWMS/JSA/JHA?

  • Is the technician undertaking High Risk Work? (Specify)

  • When required has the technician completed appropriate permit?

Housekeeping & General Requirements

  • Are SDS's available for all substances being used and <5 years old?

  • #Record date of issue:

  • Do all chemicals conform to GHS labelling requirements?

  • Are spill kits available and persons trained on how to use them?

  • Is the area being worked on free of slip, trip and fall hazards?

  • Are barriers used / is traffic managed / signage erected?

  • Notes:

Sign Off

  • We acknowledge that any issues identified have been discussed and actions taken to initiate resolution

  • C&W Signature: C&W Name:

  • Technician Signature:

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