Technical Information Availability

  • Are Pass Through, Special/Critical and Interface Characteristics identified on the drawing?

Process Control Plan

  • Is the Control Plan identified correctly for the current program launch phase (prototype, pre-launch, production)?

  • Is the latest production released Part Number and Engineering Change Level included?

  • Is the Part Name / Description included?

  • Is the Manufacturing Plant identified?

  • Are Core Team members included and up to date?

  • Is the original revision date identified?


  • Are the process characteristics clearly defined? (i.e process parameters, press forces, speed, etc.)

  • Are all features or properties of the part, component or assembly defined in "product" characteristic column? (i.e. surface finish, paint appearance, presence of 4 holes, weld etc.) MOLDING ONLY

  • Is incoming material inspection criteria included in the process control plan? MOLDING ONLY

Methods, sample size and mode of control

  • Is the "Product / Process Specification and/or Tolerance" defined with the proper measurement units included?

  • Is the appropriate measurement equipment listed in the "evaluation / measurement technique" and specific to the product and process characteristics that are being measured?

  • Are the appropriate measurement system / equipment ID's listed in the "Machine, Device, Jig, Tools for Mfg" column?

  • Is there a reaction plan specific with actions to be taken to prevent producing and shipping non-conforming product? (i.e. is the reaction plan a description of actions performed by operators on the floor?)

  • Are error-proofing/error-detection devices identified in the PCP?

  • Are Pass and Fail Master Parts available for error proofing and error detection device verification? Are these clearly identified / labeled?

  • Are Repair and/or Rework activities identified in the PCP?

  • Are the evaluation technique and control methods for repair/rework material the same for regular production material?

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