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  • Client / Site

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  • Location

Critical Lift Permit

  • Centre/Location

  • Date:

  • Company Name:

  • Permit Receiver:

  • Contact Phone Number:

  • Location of Work:

  • Permit Issuer Name

  • Vicinity Centres Position:

General Requirements

  • Appropriate SWMS or risk assessment in place

  • A competent person has been assigned as the person in charge of lifting operation

  • Name of competent Person:

  • Riggers and doggers hold the appropriate high risk licence

  • Pre-lift meeting with relevant stakeholders will be held and recorded

  • Emergency plan has been established and includes evacuation, notification to emergency services (including contract numbers) medical response

  • Competent safety observer in place

  • Exclusion zones established to manage traffic and prevent unauthorised access

  • Effective communication protocols have been established

  • Lifting equipment (e.g. slings, chains, shackles) has been checked by a competent person

  • Clearance requirements with regards to power lines and other services/structures have been identified and communicated

  • Weather conditions, including wind speed, are suitable for the lift

  • Other (specify)

Crane Requirements - Applicable Yes or No

  • Lifting plan has been created

  • Crane Operator holds the appropriate high risk licence

  • Crane risk assessment is available and current

  • Crane log book is current

  • Crane load chart is available/displayed in the cabin

  • Crane pre-start check shall be completed prior to operation

  • The crane standing area has been assessed as suitable by a competent person

  • Suspended loads will not be left unattended

  • For pick and carry operations the path of travel has been assessed and deemed suitable by a competent person - Yes or N/A

  • Other (Specify)

Aerial Lift requirements - Applicable Yes or No

  • Risk team has been notified with a minimum of 7 days' notice

  • Local council has been notified

  • Works will be conducted outside of normal business hours

  • Isolation of centre malls (four levels) under the direct flight zone has been completed

  • Notification to major tenants completed including any restrictions during the operation

  • Aircraft landing area has been identified and assessed as suitable by a competent person

  • The relevant regulatory authority (e.g. WorkSafe) has been notified

  • Other (specify)

Additional Permits Required - Yes or No (as required)

  • Hot Work

  • Work at Height, Roof Access and BMU

  • Penetrations and Excavations

  • Fire System Impairment

  • Confined Space Entry

Permit Approval

  • Copy of SWMS or risk assessment attached? (Check box if YES)

  • This Permit is Valid from: Start Date

  • This Permit is Valid Till: Expiry Date

  • I understand the permit requirements and the controls specified shall be implemented and monitored for effectiveness throughout the works:

  • Permit Receiver:

  • Permit Issuer:

Permit Close Out

  • I have checked the worksite and confirm that the works are complete/ceased and the site has been made safe:

  • Permit Receiver:

  • Permit Issuer:

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