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Mall Areas

  • 1. Public area free from obstruction, spillages & hazards?

  • 2. Public area well lit?

  • 3. All fire escape doors clear of obstructions and well lit?

  • 4. Fire door and exit routes free from obstruction and operating safely?

  • 5. Will fire alarm tests be carried out today?

  • 6. Escalators operating safely without any noise?

  • 7. Is the escalator hand rail speed the same as the steps?

  • 8. Are the landing mats clean and in good condition with no trip hazards?

  • 9. Is there any damage to comb plates or stair treads?

  • 10. Are the emergency stop buttons working?

  • 11. Is the warning signs in position and visible?

  • 12. Are the lifts and lift alarms working?

  • 13. Are the lifts levelling at all floors without any trip hazards?

  • 14. Are the lift doors closing properly also are the infrared sensors operating properly?

  • 15. Entrance doors operating safely and satisfactory?

  • 16. Entrance mats clean and in-place with no trip hazards?

  • 17. Toilets free from defects and damage?

  • 18. Promotion and exhibitions operating safely?

  • 19. General environment free from and obvious hazards / damage?

  • 20. Maintenance work areas cordoned off, signage in place and permit issued?

  • 21. Any additional defects?

Car Park

  • 22. Car park areas free from obstruction and debris?

  • 23. Car park area well lit?

  • 24. Fire doors and exit routes free from obstructions?

  • 25. All drain covers intact?

  • 26. All road areas free from potholes and uneven surfaces?

  • 27. Is the ceiling on all levels in a good state of repair?

  • 28. All fenced areas closed?

  • 28B. Is netting secure around fenced areas?

  • 28C. Are there any signs, someone has been behind fenced areas?

  • 29. Any additional defects?

Service Road

  • 30. Fire doors and exit routs free of obstruction?

  • 31. Are loading bays being used safely and edges either protected or painted yellow?

  • 32. Is lighting adequate for safe working?

  • 33. Are pedestrian routes (where applicable) usable i.e. no unauthorized parking?

  • 34. Is the compactor locked off when not in use?

  • 35. Is there a risk of people being struck by vehicles at the time of this check?

  • 36. Are vehicles parked in designated areas only?

  • 37. All employees and service providers wearing Hi-Vis clothing when working in area?

  • 38. Inspect the road surface and the plates atop the ramp, are there any visible defects?

  • 39. Any additional defects?

Roof Safety

  • Is it safe to access the roof at the time of DPC?

  • 40. is there any maintenance work above public areas during trading?

  • 41. If contractors on roof - then check they have signed roof log and have permit?

  • 42. is there any obvious roof damage/forced entry etc.?

  • 43. Any additional defects

External Perimeter

  • 44. Any damage to exterior building

  • 44.5. Are there any noticeable changes to the Pleasance gardens roof area

  • 45. Any damage to road surfaces/ walkways

  • 46. Is area clean of any rubbish/rubble

  • 47. Any additional defects?

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