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Security Checks

  • Have you checked all windows and doors to ensure they are closed and in working order?

  • Have you checked all the toilets to ensure no leaking water?

  • Have you checked all access control points to ensure they are in working order?

  • Have you checked site perimeter fence for any breaches?

  • Have you checked all the offices are locked up?

  • Have you turned off all lighting, heating, air con in office areas which are not in use? (if so give details)(do not unplug any appliances)

  • Have you checked all the keys are present?

  • Have you carried out a full CCTV camera check to ensure all cameras are in working order?

  • Did you encounter any issues throughout your shift?

Health and Safety

  • During your patrols did you encounter any individuals working late?(if yes list name, department and time left site in comments)

  • Have you checked all fire extinguishers are in date and valid?

  • How many full internal / external patrols did you do?(please list times started and finished patrols)

  • How many diester gun patrols were completed?(please list times started and finished patrols)

Ancillary Duties

  • Have all the bins around the offices been emptied?(if not, why not, include pics)

  • Have you checked for any shredding? has it been completed?(if not, why not, include pics)

  • Have you found or been informed of any maintenance issues on site?

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