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Repairs & Maintenance

  • There are no noticeable trip hazards i.e pot holes, raised paving etc?

  • There are no lighting faults?

  • The entrance / exit barrier is in working order?

  • There are no issues with drains, gullies or manholes?

  • There has been no accidental damage or vandalism to the site or landlord property i.e bollards, fencing, kerbing, signage, electricity cupboards etc?

  • The car park linage / bays are still visable.

Housekeeping Standards

  • There is no fly tipping on site

  • There is no graffiti on site

  • There are no spillages on site i.e paint, oil etc

  • There are no problems with the landscaping

  • There have been no reports or sightings of pest or rodent activity

  • Are the appropriate areas being winter gritted?

Site Security

  • Is the site entrance clear from obstruction and opened and locked as required?

  • Is there safe access & egress into tenants areas, are they free from obstruction?

  • Are all tenants areas secure?

  • There is no unauthorised trading or vehicles on site? Please provide company details / reg no. etc

  • All the CCTV cameras are in working order.?

Other Activities

  • Any other general comments on inspection areas (positive / negative)

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