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Daily Standard Work

Daily Standard Work

  • If there is a scheduled changeover; document what time it’s scheduled for, what time they are was released to sanitation, what time the right to run document was signed off on and what time the area released back to operations. Start a changeover Iauditor to capture the changeover details.

  • Is there a scheduled changeover within the next 24 hours?

  • Check East and West outside B&R and evaluate the conditions, ensuring that no product, debris or filth is present.

  • 2nd Floor B&R - Evaluate the conditions, ensuring that the areas are being maintained.

  • Tailing Check - Threshold for insects is <5. If >5, notify Sanitation Manager and Q&FS immediately but continue operations. If foreign material is found, notify operations and LOTO silo.

  • Inventory for chemicals and supplies

  • Evaluate drains, ensuring the basket is in the drain and there are no abnormalities. Document any abnormalities.

  • Locker room inspection

  • Adverse Event log updated?

  • Daily schedule updated for hourly?

  • Kleanz posted in the system?

  • Hand Wash Station Checks - Ensure soap/sanitizer and paper towels are properly stocked. Check at 7:00 a.m.

  • 5th floor - 2nd floor hand wash stations

  • Hand Wash Station Checks - Ensure soap/sanitizer and paper towels are properly stocked. Check at 3:00 p.m.

  • 5th floor - 2nd floor hand wash stations

  • Hand Wash Station Check - Ensure soap/sanitizer and paper towels are properly stocked. Check at midnight

  • 5th Floor - 2nd floor hand wash stations

  • Transition Zone Inspection

  • Enter any other general observations or comments

  • Was the changeover completed on time or was it released late to OPS?

  • What is the reason for the area/equipment being released late to Operations?

Changeover Checklist

  • Capture photo of how the line was released to sanitation

  • Start-Up/Changeover from

  • Start-up/changeover to

  • Print Kleanz "On Demand" task 1000-10000 as required for equipment.

  • Print Kleanz "On Demand" task 1000-10000 as required for equipment. Hourly crew member assigned to task shall sign the cleaning Kleanz document. A PCQI (SX Supervisor) will inspect the equipment and either accept or reject the equipment. In the event of a failed inspection, the sanitation employee will reclean and rinse the equipment. The PCQI will conduct a re-inspection and if accepted, the equipment will be sanitized. The Right to Run document will be reviewed with the ops supervisor and an inspection of the area/equipment will be conducted. If accepted, the right to run documents will be signed by SX and Ops Supervisors.

  • Operations are responsible for removing all packaging from the area and clearing all equipment of food/debris. Dry clean =95% clean. Sanitation brings it to micro clean.

  • Actual time of changeover?

  • Is the area released to operations on time or late?

  • Sign off on all Kleanz/Pre-Op/Right to Run documents

Shredder Standard Work

  • Check 5th, 4th and 3rd floor cheese shredders and grinders. Is production currently running all assets? If idle, speak with ops supervisor and verify the equipment can be released to sanitation.

  • Inspect Plugs - Post Operations

  • Inspect Cables/Wires - Post Operations

  • Inspect Conveyor for Damage - Post Operations

  • Sanitation Supervisor Signoff

  • Mixing Supervisor Signoff

  • Inspect Plugs - Post Sanitation

  • Inspect Cables/Wires - Post Sanitation

  • Inspect Conveyor For Damage - Post Sanitation

  • Inspect Blade - Ensure it is facing the correct direction - Post Operations

  • Capture photo of the properly installed blade - Post Sanitation

  • Sanitation Supervisor Post Clean Signoff

  • Mixing Supervisor Post Clean Signoff

Upright Mixer Inspection

  • Ensure valves have been properly cleaned top and bottom

  • Inspect top and bottom of valves

  • Capture photo of top and bottom of valve ensuring the valves are free from debris

  • Ensure the chutes are clean and dry prior to reinstalling

  • Inspect chutes

  • Inspect interior of mixer bowl

Project Work

  • Document project work capturing before and after photos to show progress

  • What area/task is being completed?

  • Before photos

  • After photos

Daily pulse check

  • 6:00 Shift kickoff
    6:30 Detailed floor walk – find action items to correct, document items that are found that need to be corrected – delegate work out to the employees assigned to area
    7:00 Meeting with SX Manager to discuss findings and corrective/preventative actions from floor walk.
    8:00 Detailed Floor Walk - Provide guidance to the crew and calibrate the sanitors progress.
    9:00 KWS meeting for Tier 3
    9:30 Kleanz Update - Tag out completed items
    10:00 "1st Shift - B&R Station Check - 3rd Shift - Shift Kickoff"
    11:00 "Adverse Event Update”
    12:00 Inventory
    1:00 Detailed Floor Walk – Providing guidance to the crew and calibrate their progress. Compare findings from this morning and ensure the work is completed during this walk.
    2:00 Day Shift - 2nd Shift Kickoff"
    3:00 Shift Report
    4:00 Sifter Tailing Check - Complete detailed floor walk.
    5:00 Payroll/Schedule
    5:15 "Outgoing/ Incoming Shift Hand Off

Corrective Action

  • Enter immediate actions taken for any "No" response

  • Add additional photos if necessary

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