Morning Safety Talk

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  • All Employees have the required PPE

  • The PPEs supplied are in good condition and are worn appropriately

  • notes:

Laceration Prevention

  • Only approved, retractable cutting devices are in use

  • Cut resistant gloves are in use where required


  • All existing guarding is in place

  • Existing guarding sufficient in preventing access to the point of operation

  • Machinery working properly and not causing regular manual manipulation

  • All tools in good working order

  • Notes:

Hazard Communication

  • Chemicals are stored in proper containers and labeled properly

  • Incidental spills cleaned up immediately

  • Chemicals stored properly - Flammable materials in safety container

  • Notes:

Walking/Working Surfaces and Slip / Fall Prevention

  • Floors and work platforms free of excessive debris and clutter

  • Floors and work platforms are dry and not slippery

  • Pallets, components and WIP are stored only in marked areas

  • Notes:

Emergency Response/Fire Protection

  • Fire extinguishers inspection is current and access is unblocked

  • Employees aware of emergency procedures and where assembly areas are

  • Eyewash/Safety shower stations inspected and unblocked

  • Spill kits are available where needed and are equipped/inspected as required

  • Sufficient emergency equipment installed in the area

  • Notes:

Electrical Hazards

  • High voltage signs in place and visible

  • Electrical cabinets closed and in good repair

  • Electrical cabinets have nothing on top of them

  • There is nothing blocking the electrical cabinet

  • Switches, outlets and controls in good condition

  • Electrical and extension cords are off the floor

  • Notes:

Hazardous Energy Control (Lockout/Tagout)

  • Employees expected to conduct lockout, trained and equipped properly

  • Employees locked out during a change over and/or other tasks that require lockout

  • Energy control procedures exist for all equipment & employees know where to find them

  • Any Lockout exceptions have been adequately evaluated and determined safe by the Plant Manager

  • Notes:

Crane/Hoist Safety

  • Inspections completed as per requirements

  • PM's completed as per the schedule

  • Employees not working under suspended loads

  • Cranes & straps working within their operating limits

  • Notes:

Five S and Housekeeping

  • Five S assignments have been posted

  • All unneeded items have been disposed of

  • All tools and gauges are identified and in their proper location

  • Supplies and WIP areas are clearly marked with a visual for quantity

  • Cleaning tasks have been combined with dirt prevention methods

  • Trash, debris, and equipment not left laying around

  • Equipment free of excessive dust, oil and/or soot

  • Floor surfaces covered in oil/dust covering the painted surface

  • General tripping hazards due to housekeeping, equipment layout, and/or workstation design

  • Take a picture of the cell

  • Notes:

Cell Start Up & Operations

  • The hour by hour plan has been determined, communicated and written on the board

  • Staffing is adequate for them cell's production plan

  • Only Journeyman and above on CTQ stations

  • First unit off the line time

  • First unit off the line meets all quality specifications

  • Last unit off the line time

  • Last unit off the line meets all quality specifications

  • There is a plan in place for any slack time (material shortage etc.)

Quality Checks

  • Date and time of 1st in-process check

  • Results of 1st in-process check

  • Date and time of 2nd in-process check

  • Results of 2nd in-process check

  • QA Notes:

  • QA signature - I have inspected the in-process production and have determined its proper status according to the specifications.

Signature and Finalization

  • The following Manager has review this as a part of their daily Standard Work

  • Team Leader -I have completed this assessment to the best of my ability. And I have identified all visible/known hazards.

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