HS1. Notices and General Documentation

Site Safety notice board (inc all documents)

Site files (correct set)

Construction Phase Plan

Pre-construction Information

Other (ie. H&S Law Info etc.)


DE Tough RAMS (inc COSHH) sufficient & signed by

DE Tough staff

COSHH register displayed and up-to-date

Accessability of RAMS


HS3. Welfare

Toilet and washing facilities

Canteen and eating/drinking facilities

Drying and changing facilities

Smoking facilities


HS4. Site Boundary, Entrance & Security

Security against unauthorised entry

Warning & info signage around site boundary

Warning & info signage at access points

Protruding feet and other hazards


HS5. Housekeeping

Site and other work areas

Welfare incl. toilets, canteen and drying/changing facilities


Storage areas incl. site compound and storage containers


HS6. Fire & Emergency

Emergency management (Emergency Plan/Risk Assessment, roles/responsibilities, inspections etc)

Emergency equipment (fire points, alarms, first aid kits)

Hot works (inc permits, fire watch, equipment etc)


Mandatory PPE (inc hat, vest, boots, gloves & other client specific requirements?)

Task specific PPE

Appearance/condition/branding of PPE

Correct use of PPE

Other (ie. visitors ppe etc)

HS8. Plant & Lifting Equipment

Plant logged, tagged, being inspected, certs present?

Plant in good working order and free of damage?

Plant being operated safely and by competent persons?

Lifting plans in place for all lifting operations?


HS9. Excavations and Floor Openings

Permits being issued to control all excavation works?

Sufficient measures taken to identify/avoid hidden services (CAT, radar, drawings, hand digging etc.)

Measures to protect persons from falling into excavations/floor openings

Measures taken to protect against collapse of excavations/floor openings

Inspection (pre-entry) of excavations and floor openings which will be entered

HS10. Electrical Works

Site supply secure, tested and in good order

Site lighting sufficient, tested and in good order

Safe isolation process followed before and during works

All tools and equipment PAT tested, logged and in good working order


HS11. Work at Height

Permits issued for steps & hopups?

All working platforms logged, tagged and inspected prior to use

Work at height being carried out safely and (where applicable) by competent persons?

Work at height rescue plans in place?


HS12. Confined Spaces

Permits issued for confined space work?

Confined space work being carried out safely and by competent persons

Rescue procedures?

Rescue equipment?


HS13. Temporary Works

Designs/specs in place and checked for all temporary works

Permits issued for Temporary Works

Handover certificates in place for all Temporary Works?


HS14. Site Management

Promotion/managment of safety, health and environment across the site

Daily/weekly site SH&E inspections

Manager/supervisor competency

Action on previous inspections/audits


HS15. Public / Client Interface

Professional appearance/behaviour

Communication with client, public, surrounding properties

Safety of public/client staff

Working with local community


HS16. Traffic Management

Designated pedestrian/vehicle routes

Sufficient signage (speed limit, vehicle warnings etc)

Traffic management plan in place and displayed

Parking of vehicles

Control of traffic (traffic marshals for reversing etc)

HS17. Environment and Waste

Project environment plan

Site Waste Management Plan (inc licences and WTNs)

Storage of waste

Energy saving/monitoring

Use of recycled/locally sourced materials

HS18. Inductions

Induction records (inc competency logging)

Induction procedure

Signing in/out of site

Toolbox talks


HS19. Asbestos

Correct level of asbestos survey in place?

Asbestos training (proof taken)

Records in place for removal (air test/removal certs)


HS20. Occupational Health

HS20. Occupational health

Occupational health issues identified?

Control measures sufficient/adhered to?

Information provided? (Info sheets etc)

Posters, signs etc displayed



Brief summary of works underway during visit

Additional comments:

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.