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Description of proposed works

It has been identified that your existing boiler is in need of replacement, Synergy Gas Services Limited to install the replacement boiler and associated controls. The boiler being fitted is an "A" rated high efficiency system which will have a minimum of 1 year manufacture's Warranty. The work will be carried out by one of Synergy Gas Services Ltd approved sub contractors and overseen by one of our management team through to completion.

Heating and Hot Water Supply

Depending on the complexity of the installation and the type of existing system already installed, it might be necessary to be without benefit of heating or hot water for a period of time. We will make every effort to ensure that at least a limited service is available, but we cannot guarntee the service.

Existing Back Boiler Units

It will be necessary to disconnect the gas supply to the fire once the new combination boiler has been fitted and the central heating system has been commissioned. The fire can be connected or replaced at a later date by a "Gas Safe" engineer, if the fire is still required. It is recommended that the existing back boiler unit and fire are removed and replaced with a new a gas fire, if required as an heating appliance.

Commercial Waste Collection

All commercial waste arising from the installation of the new boiler/system will be collected by our contract waste collection contractor.

The waste will be collected within 3 working days from the completion of the works.


If the asbestos is suspected or detected at either the initial survey or during installation. It will be the responsibility of the owner or private landlord to ensure that it is safely removed by an approved asbestos contractor before works can start continue. Any costs incurred for this work will be borne by either he owner or private landlord.

System Condition

Although a visual inspection will be carried out on the heating system condition at the survey stage Synergy Gas Services LTD are not responsibility for pipe work, fittings or radiators leaking during the commissioning of the boiler, due to poor condition or age. It will be at the owner's responsibility to replace components not cover the Synergy Gas Services Ltd scope of works.


It may be necessary to erect scaffolding at certain properties in order for the boiler flue to be correctly located. The use of scaffolding will be kept to a minimum wherever possible. Once the area has been identified, all garden furniture, planters etc. will need to be removed from the area. This will help to prevent damage if the items are not removed.

Decorative surfaces

Although we will make every effort not to, there will always be the possibility that decorative surfaces will be damaged, wallpaper, paint, tiling etc. due to location of the works. Also depending on the type of boiler replacement, there may be scarring left on the wall where the new boileris smaller or located in a diffrent position or removal of old heating controls.

Job specific Dislamer

Infomation on job specific Dislamar

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Acceptance of Conditions
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