Communication Protocols Communication to employees in these times is essential to support regular operation at the facility

  • Emergency response plan in place for potential cases . (emergency PPE kits,isolation, contact tracing, disenfecting, rapid testing)

  • Leadership has defined standard messaging for supervisors related to the most recent and relevant updates provided by Magna / Local Ministries

  • Leadership is using informed decision making leading to "calm" and reducing "panic"

  • Division is supporting social distancing and hygiene practices "Don’t walk by" mentality

  • Holding all individuals accountable to adhere to best practices and communicated protocols

  • Signage for the following posted in high traffic areas or point of use A) Cafeteria and lockerroom schedules B) Hygiene best practices C) Social distancing practices D) Suspected case escalation protocol Record below A-D

  • A) Cafeteria and lockerroom schedules

  • B) Hygiene best practices

  • C) Social distancing practices

  • D) Suspected case escalation protocol

Social Distancing Practices All MML Divisions should comply to the follow practices for Covid 19

  • social distancing procedure in place

  • ALL incoming visitors are required to complete the approved COVID19 screening questionnaire. Division to distribute masks to contractors which must be worn for the duration of time on site. truck drivers kept in shipping cages with no acess to washroom facilities inside

  • Where possible doors are propped open to reduce need to touch door handles. If multiple entrance or exit doors are available assign employees to designated entrance/exit

  • Size limits are established for groups of employees to ensure that a 6 foot/2 meter separation between employees and that the room has proper ventilation when using common areas (Lunch rooms / meeting rooms)

  • Critical positions have been identified and a plan is in place to ensure that are not in the same place at the same time. (Separate shifts if possible)

  • All publicly used devices are regularly disinfected by defined schedule ( fastenal machine , cafeteria equipment and photocopier - sanitizer should be made available at these areas and applied after every use.)

Cafeteria Best Practices

  • Nothing implemented at this time

  • In Cafeterias are all employees facing in one direction separated by 6 feet/2 meters while eating or stagger seating

  • Has the division established and published staggerred beak schedules for employees to ensure minimized numbers sharing the same place

  • Are safety masks provided and worn by operators when walking through cafeteria and when operators are not eating or drinking

Is the Division maintaining Safe Distancing Protocols

  • Safe distancing procedure in place

  • Are special indicators (lines/ floor markers) installed where employees congregate such as time clocks, locker rooms, entrances, fastenal machines and exits to reinforce the "Safe social distance 6 feet/ 2 meters"

  • Has the division utilized the every other sink philosophy to ensure safe distances while washing hands and deactivated hand dryers in employee bathrooms

  • Have all smoking shelters been closed and taped off to avoid employees congregating under

  • All water faucets, soap dispensers and hand sanitizers are automated where possible

  • Lexan separation/ barriers have been installed where operators are within 6 feet/2 meters of one another


  • Employees are following the one entry/ one exit policy for screening check in

  • Magna Mylife app in place for screening and being used for communications as needed

  • During check in employees keep 6 ft

  • Door screener wears gloves, magna mask and safety glasses while doing screening

  • During screening the division conducts a minimum of 3 random tempurature screenings for employees and EVERY new temporary employee is tempurature screened

  • Screening checklist provded in employees prefferred lanuage as needed

Supplier Management

  • Is the division frequently following up with suppliers to ensure they are following the same steps as MML

  • Has the division increased inventory of purchased componentry to minimize risk of disruption due to one supplier failure. Inventory can quickly be depleted once risks are no longer present

  • Are high risk suppliers on daily crisis management calls with tracking of all shipments relative to releases

  • Does the division have daily Materials/Logistics call with the purchasing director to escalate any issues

  • NO force majeure have been accepted without legal guidance

  • Does the division have a 14 day supply of PPE on hand (. masks, gloves, face shields, aprons or disposable gown, safety glasses an goggles)

  • The division is using Magna made masks as per Magna Smart Start Playbook guidelines

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