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Fire Safety Checklist

  • 1. Is all corrective/preventative action completed from last month?

  • 2. Is all emergency equipment in a good working order, including extinguishers, fire blankets & fire panel?

  • 3. Is all equipment & the fire panel serviced regularly per requirements?

  • 4. Are all extinguishers & fire blankets tagged?

  • 5. Is all equipment & break glass free from obstruction?

  • 6. Are all fire doors free from obstruction?

  • 7. Are fire escapes free from debris & obstructions?

  • 8. Do staff receive regular fire & emergency training, including use of equipment?

  • 9. Are staff aware of the policies & procedures?

  • 10. Chemicals are stored safely & handled correctly?

  • 11. Are MSDS located at the fire panel for quick reference in the event of a fire?

  • 12. Are fire doors correctly tagged?

  • 13. Is a 15A certificate sent annual to council & the NSW fire brigade?

  • 14. Is the fire service folder & details reviewed monthly?

  • 15. IS emergency lighting tested & Maintained?

  • 16. Are exit lights working & in good order?

  • 17. Are evacuation points clearly marked?

  • 18. Emergency numbers, procedures & wall mounted Evacuation plans readily available for staff?

  • 19. All incidents are reported to Management?

  • 20. Is there an emergency evacuation bag or folder available for both the village & Manor?

  • 21. Is there an information panel above all fire extinguishers?

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