Title Page

  • Document No. F10041 Rev 1/2017 DED

  • Audit Title Maintenance Log Checklist

  • Client / Site City of Valley Grande (Overlook Hills)

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • "Nitrification Tower Transfer Pump <br>Operational ?"

  • Nitrification Tower Diffusers Cleaned ?

  • Chlorine Contact Chamber Cleaned ?

  • Blower Operational ?

  • Air Diffusers Cleaned ?<br>

  • Both Effluent Pumps Operational ?

  • Chlorine Tablets Replenished ?

  • DeChlorine Tablets Replenished ?

  • Effluent Pumps #1 Hours

  • Effluent Pumps #1 In Good working order?

  • Effluent Pumps # 2 Hours?

  • Effluent Pumps # 2 In Good working order?

Quality Control Tests

  • Ammonia Level - Test Equipment

  • Ammonia Level

  • Aeration Basin pH Level (General Rule pH 7.5-8.0)

  • Effluent pH Level (S.U.)

  • Effluent D.O. (mg/l)

  • Effluent CI2:

  • Flow: (MGD)


  • The following maintenance needs to be performed

  • Additional Information

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