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  • An audit is a snapshot in time. Auditors will draw conclusions on the compliance status of the facility based on conditions observed and information provided by facility staff during the period of time the auditors are on site. Auditors are not responsible, nor can they be held accountable for activities, conditions, operations, actions or failure of actions by facility staff that may occur or not occur after the auditors leave the facility.
    Auditors shall not be held liable for any fines, penalties, or other sanctions that may be assessed against the audited facility by any state, county, city or other local regulatory authority for any findings reported by the auditors in the audit report.

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General Safety

  • Safety signs posted and legible throughout?

  • PPE Worn are as required (safety glasses, hearing protection, gloves, face shield, etc.) 1910.95,133,136,138

  • Floors no slip, trip, or fall hazards (1910.22(a))

  • Floors Clean, orderly, and free of materials and saw dust and other tripping hazards (1910.22(b)) <br>

  • Aisle Unobstructed (1910.22(b)) <br>


  • No open areas in junction boxes (1910.303(b)(1)) <br>

  • Electrical panels have 36" clearance (1910.303(g)(1)(i) Table S-1) <br>

  • Power panels, controls, receptacles & wiring covered. No missing, loose or broken parts 1910.303(b)(1) <br>

  • All disconnects, circuit breakers, and electrical panels marked to indicate service and voltage (1910.303(e)) <br>

  • Extension Cords used without damage or repaired. (1910.305(g)(2)(i)) <br>

  • All receptacles, switches & boxes in good condition (1910.303(b)(1)) <br>

  • No permanent extension cords used in place of fixed wiring (1910.305(g)(1)) <br>

  • Plug ends do not have ground pin removed, all plugs have 3 prongs (1910.303(b)(1)) <br>

Machine Guarding / Safety Signage

  • Barrier guards on moving machinery parts, belts & pulleys (1910.219) <br>

  • Point-of-operation & pinch points guarded & marked (1910.212) <br>

  • Fixed machinery anchored to deck/work bench to prevent movement (1910.212(b)) <br>

  • Bench grinders (1/8” tool rest adjusted from wheel) (1910.215(b)(9)) <br>

  • Abrasive wheels in good condition (1910.215(c)(9)) <br>)No damage to the sides, groves or worn down)

  • On/Off Kill switch easily accessible without leaving his/her position at point of operation <br>

  • Lock Out Tag Out procedures in place (1910.147) <br>

Chemical Usage

  • Proper labels on containers Proper health hazard listed / Proper flammability listed / Proper reactivity listed / Proper PPE listed (1910.1200(b)) <br>

  • Knowledge of SDS system Employee can locate SDS, Verify first aid and PPE (1910.1200(h)) <br>

  • No unauthorized/expired chemicals or materials available for use (ie. Corrosives, rags, cardboard boxes, etc) (Company Procedure) <br>

  • "Proper containers (prevent leakage, self closing lids)<br>No open containers / no spills " <br>

Hand And Portable Tools And Equipment 1910 Subpart P

  • Electrically grounded (1910.242) <br>

  • Good condition of connecting cords, tools, and air hoses (1910.242) <br>

  • Guard in place and being used properly (1910.243) <br>

  • Air tools is good operating condition

  • Air tools are properly supported by counter balances per their setup

Employee Safety

  • Employees using to proper lifting methods and requesting help when needed. (Lifts over 50 lbs) <br>

  • Employees are property using lifting devices

  • Stairs/Steps in good condition/undamaged

  • Materials not stored on steps/stairs

Power Industrial Truck Operations

  • Employee has in their possession their operators card <br>

  • The PIT has had it daily inspection completed <br>

  • The proper fueling method has been followed? Employee wearing proper PPE, Safety glasses, Face Shield arm and hand protection <br>

Fire Protection

  • Fire Extinguishers Charged <br>

  • Fire Extinguishers Hung properly Max Ht 5 Feet <br>

  • Fire Extinguishers accessible (not blocked) <br>

  • Fire Extinguishers Inspected every 30 days <br>

  • Fire Extinguishers in good working order <br>

  • Fire Exits unlocked <br>

  • Fire Exits access accessible <br>

  • Fire Exits clear on the outside for 30 feet

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