• Daily checks are to be carried out by a responsible person at the end of the late shift.

    Please complete the audit to confirm checks have been completed.

    Any problems occurred during the checks please contact Keith Harris, Ricky Harris or Marc bush.

    When check report is complete please email to Marc.bush@space-engineering.co.uk

  • Is the store locked?

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  • Are all combustible materials cleared away?

    Make sure no card or wood is stored by benches or heaters, blocking fire exits.

    All cardboard to be placed in the cardboard cage
    All wood to placed in the wood skip

    All employees should clear there bench at the end of their shift

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  • Are gas cylinders stored safe & all turned off?

    Make sure there are no gas cylinders left free standing, they must be secured and all cylinders must be turned off before leaving.

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  • Are all commissioned packs unplugged from the main Switch?

  • Are all electrical appliances unplugged from the mains?

    Make sure no chargers are left plugged in, electric pallet trucks/master mover is not left on charge, machinery is unplugged.

  • Electric pallet trucks/master mover unplugged?

  • Chargers unplugged?

  • Machinery unplugged?

  • Are both fork lift trucks in the building? & keys removed and stored in a safe location?

  • Heli?

  • Still?

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  • Is the Air compressor turned off?

  • Has the compressor fluid been drained?

    The valve at the bottom of the compressor needs to be open to drain any excess fluid in the compressor, doing this will prevent any moisture going down the line into the rivet gun. Moisture in the rivet gun causes the seals to corrode and damage the rivet gun

    Please drain the fluid outside not on the workshop floor

  • Is the extract system turned off?

    There is an isolator switch inside the workshop next to the first brazing bench

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  • Are all gas cylinder cages locked in the side compound?

  • Are side compound gates locked securely?

    Check both sets of gates in the side compound.

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  • Are the main storage compound gates locked securely?

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  • Are all the Lights and heaters turned off?

    Switch off before leaving each night, check all areas including benches, pressure bay, comma area, toilets & canteen.

  • Pressure test bay lights off?

  • Commissioning area lights off?

  • Canteen lights off?

  • Canteen heaters off?

  • Toilet lights off?

  • Toilet heaters off?

  • Bench lights off?

  • Main lights off?

  • Has the main door been locked?

  • Employee completing the check

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