Admin details

  • Enter the ebasis number

  • Location

  • Stand No

  • Details of flight and aircraft registration? If applicable Any aircraft delay incurred? e.g. Unfit for service, delay

  • BA Department or 3rd Party

On Arrival At the accident scene

  • Names of colleagues attending (e.g. First Aider if attending, Engineer, TRM, TRC, Crew Leader)

  • Have all the emergency services been contacted? E.g. HAL/Police/Fire Brigade/Ambulance (provide name/no. of attending officers)

  • Has the owning Heathrow Ops Mgr/Departmental Head been informed?

  • Ensure accident scene remains undisturbed

  • Ensure all equipment and property is isolated and removed from service. (Record action taken)

Make Area Safe

  • Ensure all spillages are reported to HAL and prevented fro entering the drains e.g sawdust.

  • Ensure any equipment and property associated with the incident is isolated and removed from service, (record taken)

Staff Involved

  • Stand down any staff involved to a safe area and ensure appropriate welfare arrangements are made.

  • If injured party requires attendance at A&E have they been accompanied? Is so by whom and which hospital have they been taken to?

  • Ensure that assessment has been made for drug or alcohol tests to be conducted for staff involved under EG303.

  • Have you collected details of all persons involved including those of witnesses? Make arrangements to take/collect statements? Please list names of witnesses.

  • Airside driving permit checked and valid?

  • Ensure that the departmental safety representative has been informed.

Gather information/facts for investigation

  • Where and when did the incident occur?

  • What task was being performed at the time?

  • When did the emergency services arrive? Was first aid administered?

  • What injuries have occurred to staff, passengers, public or contractors? If incident involves staff or pax in the terminal have HAL been notified?

  • We're personnel wearing PPE? And was it serviceable? Check condition of footwear, tabard, ear defenders etc.

  • Have you photographed the scene, equipment, and any property involved?

  • Add media

Environmental conditions at the time:

  • Lighting

  • Visibility

  • Weather

  • Road/Stand

  • Surface

  • Shadows

  • Contamination

  • Floor Surface

  • Fumes

What equipment or property has been damaged?

  • Make/Operator

  • Fleet/Eqpt No

  • Vehicle Reg

  • What is the extent of the damage?

  • Who was operating/driving the equipment? e.g. Names/staff number/department

  • If applicable what dangerous substances are involved? Name, nature and quantity.

  • We're there any passengers in the vehicles involved? If yes please provide names/staff number/department

  • What actions have been taken to prevent a recurrence?

On return to office

  • If passengers involved inform the Press Office/Customer Relations. (85100)

  • SIRP manager to request CCTV for incident site within first 4 hours of incident.

  • If a fire, electrical fault, building or structural incident has occurred, have Facilities been notified I.e fault reported? (Obtain job number)

  • If Radioactive material involved ensure Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA) is contacted immediately. RADAM Associates (24 hr hotline) 01625-576000. The Team Manager must inform the Corporate Safety Duty Manager.

  • In the event of vehicle/equipment/plant damage confirm completion of R138.

  • Was the staff member suspended from driving duties (if applicable) if not, why not?

  • Obtain reports from HAL/Police who attended? If not state possible reason.

  • What actions are HAL/Police taking? e.g. HAL remove driving permit/pass etc

  • Staff members training records checked for compliance?

  • Staff members working hours record? (10 previous days)

  • Time lost from work? (If known)

  • Relevant Procedures checked? Please provide reference number.

  • If contractors involved please contact there local office and ensure BA account manager is advised. Please obtain copy of their report/ contacts?

  • For incidents found on arrival (e.g. damage, unsecured load, dangerous goods) please ensure out station airport manager is advised. Please record details.

  • Please email this checklist and any witness statements taken to:

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