Arrival in the area

  • Did you receive an induction on your first day in the area?

  • Did the induction include a health and safety briefing?

  • How useful did you find the induction training?

  • Were you provided with contact details for the area?

  • Were you introduced to the local Manager?

  • Do you know who the area champion or apprentice mentor is?

The placement

  • Are you invited by the area to attend their weekly, monthly or quarterly business briefings?

  • Do you understand the content of the briefings that are discussed?

  • How useful/interesting do you find these business briefings?

  • Do you receive regular feedback from the team/department during your placement?

  • Has the feedback been useful, constructive and helpful?

  • Do you feel that you are treated as an individual?

  • What department do you feel part of?

  • Have you be made to feel part of the team in your placement?

  • How useful has this placement been in developing your skills relevant to your apprenticeship?

  • Have you been provided with sufficient time in this area in support of your apprenticeship?

  • Do you know how to report an incident on eBasis?

Skills development

  • Have you received sufficient hand or business skills training in support of your apprenticeship

  • How useful and relevant was the training your received?

  • What additional training would you like to receive to support your development?

NVQ and college work

  • Has the work in this placement been relevant to your NVQ?

  • How relevant? (Not at all relevant (0) to very relevant (5))

  • Are you provided with time to complete your NVQ workbook?

  • Is this sufficient?

  • Do you have regular 1-2-1 meetings with you NVQ Assessor?

  • When did you last meet with your NVQ Assessor?

  • How useful do you find your meetings with your NVQ Assessor?

  • How confident are you that you will finish your NVQ on time, within the period of the apprenticeship? (Not very confident (0) Very confident (5)

  • How would you rate your college instructors? (Poor (0) Excellent (5))

Programme Support

  • Do you have regular contact with your Programme Manager?

  • How supportive would you say your Programme Manager is? (Not very supportive (0) Very supportive (5))

  • Do you have regular 1-2-1 meetings with your programme manager?

  • When did you last meet with your programme manager for a 1-2-1 development/progress meeting?

  • Do you review your personal development and progress during your meetings?

  • Have you received any recognition from your Programme Manager about your achievements and/or accomplishments?

  • Does your Programme Manager provide you with sufficient information in support of your apprenticeship?

  • How useful is this information?

  • What additional information or support would like to receive?

  • Is your programme manager easily contactable?

  • Does your programme manager respond to your emails or telephone calls in a timely manner?

  • Following a period of absence, have you had a return to work discussion with your programme manager?

  • Do you feel comfortable approaching your manager about personal issues?

  • Do you receive regular communications from the Global Learning Academy?

  • Have you been made aware of Helpdirect?

Tools to do your job

  • Have you received the following PPE and uniform items?

  • Are you missing any equipment or clothing?

  • Do you have a personal locker?

  • Have you been issued with personal tools?

  • How would you rate the tools you have been issued with?

  • What tools are you missing or would you like to have?

Overall experience

  • How would you rate the apprenticeship programme? (Poor (0) Excellent (5))

  • How could we improve the apprenticeship programme?

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