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Operational Compliance

  • Are the hours of operation posted on the doors of the office / suite?

  • Is the clinic business license current and viewable from the lobby?

  • Is this clinic location in Florida?

  • Does this clinic have an ACHA binder on site?

  • Is the Medical Director posted in the lobby?

  • Is the Patient's Bill of Rights and Responsibilities posted in the lobby?

  • Is the AHCA Patient Right to Report Complaints or Abuse posted in the lobby?

  • Is the Notice of Insurance Fraud and Reporting posted in the lobby?

  • Is the Report Medicaid Fraud poster posted in the lobby?

  • Does this clinic location generate biomedical waste?

  • Is this clinic located in Alabama?

  • Are physicians licenses viewable in the lobby?


Cabinetry / Counters

  • Are cabinets and counter tops in overall good condition?

  • Are doors, hinges, drawers and handles in good condition?


  • Are all doors in overall good condition?

  • Does door hardware function properly? (Handles, Hinges, Latches)


  • Is flooring in good condition?

  • Is flooring clean and dry?

  • Is flooring free of trip / fall hazards? (no areas uneven by more than 1/2 inch)


  • Are walls in overall good condition?

  • Is paint in overall good condition?

  • Are wall plates present and in good condition?


  • Are ceilings in overall good condition?

  • Are ceiling tiles in place and in good condition?

  • Is ceiling grid / track in good condition?



  • Are shipping boxes present? (Patient care areas only)

  • Is staff food / drink present in patient care areas?

  • Are areas under the sink free of patient contact items?

  • Are all cardboard boxes off the floor?

  • Is personal protective available and in good condition?

  • Are soap and paper towels properly stocked at hand washing sinks?

  • Are hand sanitizer dispensers properly stocked?



  • Are refrigerators labeled properly? ("Meds Only", "Patients Only", "Staff Only", etc.)

  • Do refrigerators have current temperature logs, where applicable?

  • Are temperature alarms set at the proper parameters? (Can be found on temperature logs)

  • Are items properly stored? (No food and meds in same refrigerator)

  • Are refrigerators clean and organized?

Bloodborne Pathogens

  • Are sharps containers free of items being stored on top of containers?

  • Are sharps properly disposed of in sharps containers ONLY?

  • Are sharps containers less than 75% full?

  • Are sharps properly stored and secured?



  • Are corridors kept clear to allow ambulation of patients and visitors?

  • Are corridors kept clear to allow carts, wheelchairs and beds to pass?

  • Are corridors clean and free of obstructions?

Egress / Exit Doors

  • Are doors clearly and correctly marked?

  • Are exit signs working properly?

  • Are doors clear of debris and equipment?

Fire / Smoke / Stairwell Doors

  • Are doors free of being propped / wedged open?

  • Are the doorways clear to close? (Nothing in the path of the door swing)

  • Do fire and stairwell doors latch firmly and maintain closure?

  • Do door closers / interrupters work properly?

Fire Extinguishers

  • Are all fire extinguisher locations clearly marked and unobstructed?

  • Do all fire extinguishers have current inspection tags?

  • Are safety seals present on all extinguishers?

Fire Alarm Pull Stations

  • Are pull stations free from obstructions? (Carts, Furniture, Equipment, etc.)

  • Are pull stations in good condition?


Hazardous Chemicals

  • Are chemicals labeled properly?

  • Are SDS binders available and accessible?

  • Are chemical spill kits available and accessible?

Bio-Hazardous Waste

  • Is bio-hazardous waste in red bags and proper containers?

  • Is bio-hazardous waste properly separated and segregated?

  • Is bio-hazardous waste properly disposed of?

  • Are bio-hazardous waste logs present and accessible?


Biomed & Digital Imaging Equipment

  • Are inspection tags current on all medical equipment?

  • Is medical equipment clean and properly stored?

  • Is broken equipment properly tagged and out of service?


Electrical Safety

  • Are breaker panels kept secured? (Electrical room locked or panels locked)

  • Are electrical cords in good condition?

  • Are electrical boxes, switches and outlets intact and in good condition?


Patient & Staff Safety

  • Are staff, vendors and contractors wearing ID badges in plain view?

  • Are all doors to secured areas free from being propped / wedged open?

Medication Management

  • Are medications / injections properly secured with minimal accessibility?

  • Are injections logs maintained and readily accessible?

  • Are any expired medications present? (Including first aid kit)

  • Is DME properly stored and secured?


Emergency Operations Plan

  • Are the Emergency Response flip charts present?

  • Is the location-specific page completed?

  • Is the facility evacuation map present?


Staff Knowledge

  • Does staff know what number to call in case of an emergency?

  • Can staff explain what R.A.C.E. stands for?

  • Can staff explain the P.A.S.S. technique for extinguisher use?

  • Do staff know where to find Safety Data Sheet (SDS) binder? (physical copy and online)

  • Can staff demonstrate how to look up a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)?

  • Can staff explain if medical equipment inspections are current?

  • Can staff explain how to get help in a security emergency?

  • Can staff locate the Emergency Response flip chart nearest to them?

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