• This report is to be used by the assessor to inspect the site and record any safety, health and environmental hazards. The assessor should also pick an area of further inspection (e.g. SSOW, PUWER, Emergency arrangements etc) to ensure these are compliant with regulations and in- house procedures

  • Have items from previous inspections been closed out?

Hazard spotting

  • Close out timescale

  • Closed out by (sign and date)

  • Hazard definition

  • Root Causality

Procedural Compliance

  • Record area of inspection

  • Non-compliance
  • Details of non-compliance noted

  • Closed out by (sign and date)

  • SHEQ Bulletins up to date and accurate

Environment and Sustainability Observations

  • Are COSHH items being stored compliantly

  • Is waste and chemicals stored away from site drains / drains protected?

  • Has the Site Waste Management plan been updated (with three months)?

  • Has the Environmental Management Plan been updated (from tender copy)?

  • Have both plans been trained out to KEY STAFF (Supervisor upwards)?

  • Has the project carried out spill training?

  • Is there good planning with regards to spill protection (spill kits, plant nappies, etc.)

  • Please photograph some example waste notes

  • Add media

Positive observations

    Positive observation

Inspection Sign off

  • Add signature

Hazard Rating

  • Please record the hazard rating using the following criteria for each occurrence:
    24 hour - score 5
    3 day - score 3
    7 day - score 1
    If items from previous inspection have not been closed out in allocated timescale immediately score additional 10 points
    This will give you a total hazard rating for the site.
    Next score the positive observations 1 point for each positive observation during the audit
    Where site demonstrates the implementation of observation cards add up to 4 points to this total - maximum points only if the cards are being used (more than 1 or 2 completed), the cards are being closed out, the site is displaying sorted=reported poster and details are being entered on EZONE
    For overall rating subtract the positive action total from the hazard rating total

  • Hazard Rating Total

  • Positive Actions Total

  • Overall Rating

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