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  • Are exits free from any obstruction within 5 feet inside and out?

  • Are exit signs illuminated

Fire extinguishers

  • Is there 3 three feet of clearance around all fire extinguishers

  • Are the fire extinguishers identified?

  • Are the fire extinguishers inspected monthly?

First aid areas

  • Are first aid areas identified?

  • Is first aid area located away from break rooms?

  • Is the first aid area stocked with the required fill?

Eyewash Stations

  • is access to the eyewash station unobstructed?

  • Is the eyewash station identified?

  • is the eyewash inspected weekly?

  • Is the eyewash equipped with a tepid water supply?

  • If the eyewash is plumbed is the water solution changed out at regular 160 day intervals?


  • Are cords free from hazards?

  • Only single extension cords are being used at a time to a piece of equipment.

  • There are no cords tied around pipes, table legs etc

  • All electrical boxes have their covers securely fastened in place.

  • All electrical boxes are identified with their voltage, phase and what they are controlling.

  • Electrical Equipment access is not prohibited.

  • Is the electrical equipment suitable for its location? Ex.. Wet area

  • Are lights used for illumination covered with a guard or coated bulb?

  • Are extension cords used for permanent positions.

Chemicals in the facility

  • Are containers in the facility identified with their chemical contents?

  • Are flammable chemicals grounded?

  • Are flammable chemicals stored 20' away from an exit?

  • Are flammable cabinets grounded?

  • Is there an eyewash station present for chemicals in use

  • Are containers provided with spill protection?

Personal Protective equipment

  • Is Personal Protective Equipment in good working order

Other Information

  • Are there other issues occurring not mentioned in the issues above

  • Problem
  • Are there other issues not identified in any of the preceding areas?

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