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Store standard

  • Are all leaflets up to date?

  • Does the store have enough till roll?

  • Does EPay machine have enough till roll?

  • Is the front of the store (front of house and back of house) clean and tidy? Please provide evidence

  • Does the store have enough stationary (paper, pen, stapler etc.)

  • Have all the weekly health and safety checks been done?

Back of house checklist

  • What’s your store MTD service NPS?

  • What’s your stores MTD sales NPS?

  • Is your repair completion percentage 100%? If not please explain why.

  • Do you have any validations that is over due over 3 days? If yes why and have done anything about it?

  • Do you have any advocates that has been open over 72 hours? If yes please explain why.

  • Do you have RAs over 7 days? If yes please explain why and provide evidence.

  • Is you’re banking sheet up to date and have you deposit previous dates banking? Please attach evidence.


  • Briefly explain today’s team brief.

  • Have you and all the staff aware of all the offers including THIS WEEK & THIS WEEKEND?

  • Have all the staff been briefed on their daily targets and MTD actions?

  • I hereby confirm that this checklist is 100% accurate and completed according to policy set by Family Connect Ltd. /EE.

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