People overall

  • 1. Manages and leads a team of engaged, skilled, & productive staff who embrace the leadership qualities

  • 2. Takes accountability for developing talent

  • 3. Works collaboratively with others across and within the business

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1. Manage a team

  • 1. Foster an environment in which employees embrace the leadership qualities

  • 2. Develop, maintain, & evaluate a roster for the site that meets the needs of the business & customers

  • 3. Identify a recruitment need and successfully recruit a new employee

  • 4. Understand how to locate, interpret, and apply HR policies, EBA, and other relevant legislation in the workplace

  • 5. Understand what constitutes bullying & harassment and know how to manage any complaints you may receive if any of these behaviors are occurring in the workplace

  • 6. Know what services are available within the workplace to assist employees

  • 7. Understand the drivers of staff turnover and provide recommendations to increase staff retention and engagement

  • 8. Enable the successful return to work of any injured team members

  • 9. Define and communicate performance goals, follow up and provide feedback

  • 10. Identify performance issues and take corrective action

  • 11. Build relationships with external parties. Eg union / worksafe

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2. Talent development

  • 1. Effectively onboard a new team member

  • 2. Effectively coach new team members and managers

  • 3. Deliver an effective training session

  • 4. Have an increased awareness of diversity, why it's important, any what your role is in harnessing diversity in the workplace

  • 5. Encourage a learning environment and take accountability for talent development

  • 6. Understand the impact of change on individuals, your role in creating an environment receptive to change and leading people through a period of change

  • 7. Understand the role and importance of succession planning, the succession planning principles, and the role you play in the process

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3. Your Development

  • 1. Demonstrate and role model the leadership behaviors

  • 2. Seek development opportunities for self

  • 3. Gain the personal interaction and leadership techniques required to successfully manage situations and effectively lead individuals and teams

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  • What are your main learnings?

  • What challenges did you face?

  • Comment on what you learnt by working in multiple divisions

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Fastracker has a good understanding of the customer module and has achieved the learning objectives

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