Customer overall

1. Drive a customer centric culture that responds to customers needs

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2. Place the customer at the enter of all decision making

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1. Know your customer

1. Describe who our customer is and what drives their shopping behaviors

2. Describe and differentiate the internal, external, and end customer

3. Describe the role and purpose of customer loyalty programs

4. Identify current and emerging customer trends

5. Identify current and emerging issues, eg. Store roster changes, new stores.

6. Demonstrate an understanding of the divisions CVP - what it is and how it is executed at site level

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2. Customer service

1. Describe the divisions customer service strategy

2. Describe the service level expectations. Eg number of customers in a queue

3. Communicate the service level expectations to your team

4. Describe and demonstrate how the service levels are measured within the division / site

5. Describe any formal customer service recognition program in place

Describe and demonstrate the divisional guidelines in managing difficult customer situations

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3. Your role

1. Drive and role model a passion for customers and their needs

2. Seek customer feedback to improve business performance

3. Identify continuous improvement activities for the customers benefit

4. Place the customer at the center of your decision making

5. Manage difficult customer situations and resolve these to the customers satisfaction

6. Monitor customer satisfaction

7. Share customer insights to improve knowledge and service levels within your team

8. Maintain the required levels of customer service within the site

9. Reward and recognize your team for good customer service

10. Develop customer focused behavior in your team

11. Build relationships with the local community

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What are your main learnings?

What challenges did you face?

Comment on what you learnt by working in multiple divisions

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Fastracker has a good understanding of the customer module and has achieved the learning objectives
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