• Audit Instructions and Scoring Info.

    Inform section team leader and/or supervisor as early as possible before audit.
    The audit is to be performed with the section team leader/supervisor

    For each relevant part of the process, thoroughly read the related documentation before answering any questions. This includes the control plan, PFMEA, process instructions and previous audits/corrective actions.

    Fill in the score for each section:
    0 - not to minimum required standard.
    1 - to minimum requirements but not to the expected standard
    2 - To the expected standard
    3 - Exceeds the expected standard
    N/A - Not applicable

    Additional information is required to provide evidence for the score given, in the form of a comment and photograph


  • The relevant Control plan is available

  • Control plan revision number

  • Control plan revision date

  • The relevant PFMEA is accessible

  • PFMEA revision number

  • PFMEA revision date

General Bay 5

  • Operator audited (where applicable)

  • Correct PPE is being worn

  • Process instruction info (description + number)

  • Work instructions are available

  • work instructions are up to date

  • All parts awaiting process are in the designated areas

  • All parts awaiting process are correctly stacked

  • crane check and safety check sheets are present and up to date

  • Housework is completed to standard

  • Lighting grade is to standard in each area

  • Rework/Scrap tickets are filled out to standard and part is highlighted accordingly

  • Scrap is moved to airlock when required

  • Parts have designated areas which are adhered to

Band Saw

  • Operator audited

  • All material for remelt is separated correctly

  • All required hand tools are readily available

  • Operator is using bandsaw correctly and safely

  • Waste material store and removal

  • Sample parts are consistently and clearly separated from normal process

  • Correct feeder heights are left on the part consistently

First inspection

  • Operator audited

  • Process instruction info (description + info)

  • Work instructions are available and up to date.

  • All necessary gauges are accessable

  • Gauges are in good condition.

  • Inspected parts are clearly separated

  • Melt reference engraving eligibility and depth

  • The inspection process is consistent.

Robot Fettling

  • Saw changes are scheduled and recorded

  • Jigs are kept in good condition and checked regularly

  • Gauges are in good condition within calibration

  • Jigs torqued correctly

  • The scrap conveyer processing is to standard

Fine finishing

  • First off checks are completed to standard

  • All required gauges are available

  • Gauges are in good condition

  • All required hand tools are available.

  • Tools are kept in good condition

  • All master samples in good condition

Shot Blast

  • Parts are loaded into the Shot blaster correctly

  • Excess shot is removed from the part sufficiently

  • Scheduled parts are sent to X-ray and Pressure test

Weld + Pressure Test

  • All weld equipment is available

  • Pressure test equipment

  • Safety conditions adhered to during welding process.

  • Pressure test jigs are kept in good condition.

Process analysis

  • Are process specific targets and KPI's monitored?

  • Are the KPI's recorded to allow analysis?

  • When deviations from product / process requirements are realised are causes analysed and corrective actions checked for efficiency

  • Are the targets set realistic?

  • Are products and process audited regularly?

  • Date of last product audit

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