• FDH associated and Pedestal Label

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Health and Safety

  • All Health and Safety as per UFF and Contractors policy and OSH guidelines?


  • Site left clean and clear from all task waste?

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Pedestal Installation

  • Installed in location as per design rules?

  • Pedestal installed to "Charles Logo".

  • no label
  • Photo "Charles Logo" position

  • Pedestal installed vertically (not off vertical)?

  • Pedestal shows no sign of exterior damage?

  • Plinth sealed with layers. <br>1, Compact Earth (5" Soil backfill)<br>2, 3.5" Pea Gravel<br>3, Optional pea gravel 1" below the tapered opening.

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  • Pedestal Feed ADSS

ADSS Feeder

  • All tubes managed in storage tray as per instructions?

  • Protective tube over-sleeve on loose tubes installed between storage tray and fibre splice tray?

  • Tubes secured in storage tray?

  • Tubes have no damage, e.g. No crushing or kinking?

  • Correct tubes laid into trays?

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  • Pedestal Feed ABF

12F/24F ABF Feeder

  • Micro-ducts secured to back plate?

  • 12F/24F managed in storage tray as per instructions?

  • 12F/24F transition to splice tray as per instructions?

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Splice Trays

  • Fibres coiled around the edges of splice trays?

  • Fibres have been cleaned appropriately?

  • The EOI must be in a different tray to the original premises feed. Does the EOI share the same tray as the original premises feed.

  • no label


  • Exterior shell is labelled as per instructions?<br>e.g. 40000

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  • Splice trays have been labelled with the correct label designations?<br>ABF e.g HW54673_01_05 F1-12<br>ADSS e.g HW54673_A1 F1-12

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  • Distribution tubes have been labelled as per instructions?<br>Duct Ref e.g PED_40000_00_01<br>Fibre Sheath Ref e.g PED_40000_00_01<br>

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  • Fibre cables labelled as per instructions?<br>ABF e.g HW54673_02_11<br>ADSS e.g HW54673_A2 (40000A)

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  • Reinstatement matches surrounds, is at the correct level and contour and shows no subsidence.

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