Title Page

  • Audit Title

  • Conducted on

  • Personnel

  • Prepared by

  • Date recall was initiated

  • Nature of the problem; possible causes, injuries, illnesses or deaths, problem growing or contained, symptoms/reactions, was the product involved in a similar issue before?

  • Product name, code, best fed by date, size, number of cases produced/affected

  • Recall necessary?


  • Media/news outlet contacted?

  • Quality Assurance available to fulfill appointed duties?

  • Refer to Quality Assurance section for further duties

  • Add signature

Administration/Order Desk

    List of clients to be contacted
  • First possible time distributor could have acquired product

  • Suspected number of cases bought

  • Invoice found?

  • Client name

  • Client email

  • Client phone number

  • Add signature

Sales manager Replacement if absent: Administration

    Businesses and customers contacted
  • Order of contact: distributors first, resellers second, customers last

  • Time contacted

  • Date of sale/shipment

  • Contacted by email

  • Contacted by telephone

  • Affected products bought, amount bought originally/how much left in store

  • If reseller, recall notice posted?

  • Quality Assurance informed of findings?

  • Add signature

Quality Assurance Replacement if absent: Owner

  • Daily sheet found/printed

  • Add media

  • Copy given to administration/order desk?

  • Daily HACCP QA checklist printed

  • Add media

  • undefined

  • Copy given to administration/order desk?

  • AFPA contacted

  • Interactions with AFPA
  • Details of interaction

  • Time of AFPA interaction

  • Product release or disposal form completed?

  • AFPA informed of release/disposal?

  • Northern Alberta Processors called (if product disposal required)

  • If needed, call: - West Coast Reduction (Edmonton): 1-780-6750 or 1-800-231-4767 email info@wcrl.com
    1930 121st avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, T6S 1B1
    - West Coast Reduction (Vancouver): 1-604-255-9301 or 1-855-955-9301 email info@wcrl.com
    105 Commercial Drive North, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5L 4V7
    - West Coast Reduction (Saskatoon): 1-306-934-4887 or 1-800-803-9714 email info@wcrl.com
    3018 Miners avenue, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7K 4Z8

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Shipping/Receiving Replacement if absent: Administration/Order desk

  • Affected items found in inventory

  • undefined

  • Number of boxes found

  • "On hold" notice posted on product

  • Suspect ingredients removed from production

  • Suspected ingredients segregated

  • Product placed on truck/shipped/transferred in last 2 days?

  • Customer contacted?

  • Driver contacted?

  • Driver returning to factory?

  • Product from truck placed with other "on hold" product?

  • Returned product?

  • Write where product was returned from, description and code of product, number of cases returned
  • undefined

  • Date received

  • Product placed with other segregated products and labelled with "on hold" notice?

  • Add signature

  • undefined

H-Cold warehouse

  • Contact person: Sy Park, general manager at H-Cold Burnaby
    Phone: 604-473-9333 or 604-473-9383
    Email: brian@hcold.com

    Roy Center, 5505 Roy street, Burnaby, BC, V5B 3A5

  • Number of cases bought

  • Number of cases still on hand

  • Date contacted

Erb warehouse

  • Contact person: Lisa Adkins, Customer service Co-ordinator, Erb cold storage
    Phone: 1-800-665-2653 ext 3360 Email: ladkins@erbgroup.com

  • Number of cases bought

  • Number of cases still on hand

  • Date contacted

  • Number of cases affected

  • Number of cases found

  • Product cleared for release or disposal?

  • Date recall ended

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