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  • Is JSA/POWRA filled out and signed by company man and SPM employees?

  • Was a Safety meeting held stating all Safety Precautions, Muster Area, and Job Tasks?<br>(Use mapping to identify routes of exits and entrances,wind direction, and Respirators if needed.)

  • Is pressure OFF ALL LINES?

  • Has the Fall Protection been inspected and in good working order?


  • Do all swivels/wing nuts/hammer unions/middle ball races/swivels and middle of 10' joints have ribs? <br>(ONE RIB PER UNION)

  • Are all spines pulled tight with no slake and run through both ears of the ribs?

  • Does every main line have at least 2 anchor point ?

  • Do all shackles have nuts and pins installed and secured?

  • Is mainlines wrapped around any pipe? <br>( IF YES FIX, WRAPPING IS NOT ALLOWED)

  • Is all products picked up and loaded in truck/trailer?

  • Has the proper calculation for footage been done?


  • Is employee wearing Level 5 PPE.

  • Is the H2S monitor being worn?<br>Needs to be 9" from nose. ( i.e. - Outside of clothing on chest area.)

  • Has monitor been bump tested/ and or calibrated?

  • Does employee have Fall Protection on when above 4 feet?<br>Ensure employee is tied off when in man basket-Check to see if monthly inspection has been done.

Human Factor

  • Has the employee been given WX conditions prior to work?<br>Should be noted in POWRA.

  • Does employee have sufficient hydration and nutrition?<br>(When was the last time employee had water and meal)

  • Has the employee had rest?<br>Look for fatigue-Is employee checking in with supervisor every 2 hours.


  • Ensure trucks and trailer have current DOT regulatory documentation and signage.

  • Has the DVIR been properly filled out?<br>Pre & Post Trips.

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