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  • Has the Pre-Shift Inspection been completed?<br>

  • Is the DOT book present and up to date?<br>

  • Are the Insurance / Registration / IFTA stickers present?

  • SDS book present and updated with products on vehicle?

  • Is the field form binder present? (Large binder that has copies of all field forms - FLRA's, site inspections, hot work permits etc)

  • Cab interior is acceptable (clean and organized)

  • Is fire extinguisher present?

  • Is the size 20lbs?

  • Are all stickers and labels present and readable

  • Is the yearly certification sticker present, intact and up to date?

  • Is the monthly inspection tag present, secure and up to date?

  • Is the extinguisher properly secured?

  • Bed is acceptable (clean, organized, no loose debri)

  • All three (3) emergency safety traffic triangles present and in working condition.

  • Exterior of vehicle is maintained and is free of excessive mud build up

  • Are all windows and the windshield,clean and without cracks?

  • Is all cargo secure? (ladders, items in bed of truck, fire extinguisher, etc.)

  • Are all steps and handrails in safe and good working order?

  • Are safety whips in good operational order with a maintained flag, lights that are operational, and can reach a height of 14 feet?

  • If applicable, are beacon lights maintained and operational?

  • Are wheel chocks present on vehicle, are not of hollow type, are in proper care (no chunks missing, not broken), and are stored properly when not in use?

  • Check all lights - condition and operation are they up to code?

  • Back up alarm operating?

  • Is the GPS unit is plugged in and working properly?

  • Is Personal Protective Equipment is being stored properly and maintained (fall protection, respirator, etc.)?

  • Have Any objects or tools found to be not in compliance been tagged out of service with date of non compliance listed on tag.

  • Is the first aid kit present, up to date with no expired items and stocked?

  • Is this inspection taking place on a Freeport McMoran site?

  • Is the contractor manual on hand and is it the most current version with all required sections per FMI policy?


  • Is Oil change good and not over due?

  • Is Air pressure maintained with no leaks?

  • Is Performance of compressor good?

  • Are Tank, gauges, hoses in good shape?


  • Are leads in good shape?

  • Is appropriate guarding in place?

  • Is the Overall shape of the welder/generator body in good shape?

  • Is Maintenance up to date (oil changes etc.)?


  • Is the crane operational?

  • Is the annual inspection sticker in tack and within its expiration date?

  • Is Lifting cable condition good?

  • Is Control Unit in good condition?

  • Is Outrigger condition and operation is in good working order?

  • Certification of chains/slings attached to equipment?

  • Condition of safety latch, come along<br>

  • Chains and slings in good condition with no frays, grease or questionable conditions?

  • Any leaks or out of place wiring

  • Anti- two block device operational

  • Is the required sticker posted for hand signals for crane operations?


  • Are there any cylinders, compressed gasses on the vehicle?

  • Compressed gas properly stored with regulators removed when driving and safety caps in place

  • All pressure has been bleed from regulators

  • Regulator/ Gauges in good order and are not cracked or missing cover

  • All lines are are free from damage and fit properly

  • Bottles and brackets in good condition

  • Equipped with flashback valves

  • Compressed gas properly labeled


  • Have all triggers locks been removed from all power tools?

  • Proper guarding not missing and in place on all tools

  • Hand tools and fabrication tools in proper condition ( no mushroomed heads etc.)

  • All power tools are in the proper working order, no cracked casings, no exposed Wires, right size wheels attached and have been marked for proper inspection color of the month.

  • Extension cords have ground present that is not loose, cord casing is in good shape with no burn marks or repairs and the extension cord has been inspected and marked for the current monthly inspection.

  • Whip Checks (where applicable)


  • Are there any flammables on the service truck?

  • All product containers (paint, spray cans, fuel, grease etc) are marked with contents and have a label that is in-tacked and legible.

  • Flammable storage cabinet present and secure

  • There are no spills or leaks evident in or around the flammable cabinet storage area

  • Adequate signage present (decals and labeling, ex: No Smoking, flammable storage)

  • Are the cabinets free of combustible materials ( cardboard paper etc. )


  • Tire treat a minimum of 3/32 on all tires

  • Proper tire position (Steer, single treat tires on front and Drive tires on rear)?


  • Safety Issues

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  • Employee Behavior

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  • Completed Audit/inspection shall be forwarded to the Supervisor and Manager of Vehicle Inspected for corrective actions to be addressed and to the Health and Safety Department for record keeping

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