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  • Only use this audit for customer site locations that ARE under Joy Global control. If the site is not under our control and we are strictly working from service trucks, close this audit and open JGI-AZ Non-controlled Customer Site Inspection/Audit


  • Is this a work location that requires emergency response preparation? ( muster areas, first aid kit, etc)

  • Are First Aid kits available?

  • If only service trucks on site, are the first aid kits, clean, up to date and stocked?

  • If the office trailer is on site is the first aid kit located in the office trailer clean, up to date, stocked and is signage displayed on outside of office trailer?

  • If mechanic trailer is on site, is the first aid kit that is located inside clean, up to date, stocked and signage. Displayed on outside of mechanical trailer?

  • Is there a stretcher available? Do employees know where the stretcher is located?

  • Is the Emergency assembly / muster area(s) assigned and known by employees?

  • If the office trailer is one site, is the stretcher located inside, in good condition and signage displayed?

  • Is there a Current Emergency Evacuation Plan & Procedure displayed ? (Only applies if trailers are on site, if working from service trucks only, ask employees if they know the plan and procedure)

  • Are emergency numbers for both Joy Global contacts and the customer contacts available (should be posted if office trailer is on site)

  • Is there a plan of action, should an incident happen, with whom is to respond and who has what responsibilities to act on? (If possible give names of those individuals and their responsibility)


  • Is there clear Access / Egress to work site?

  • Are Trash, Steel, Wood bins provided and used for larger collections?

  • Are all Wood pieces , pallets, and wooden boxes free of exposed nails and being maintained?

  • Are Materials neatly stacked?

  • Is the Work site clean and orderly?

  • Are All hoses/cables protected against damage?

  • Are regular (55 gallon) Trash can containers provided through out the site? (Must be metal and have lids)

  • Are buckets clearly and properly marked with contents ? ( tooling, grease, dirty rags, clean rags etc)

  • If applicable is there Adequate lighting for night work?

  • Are high walls present?

  • Is equipment being stored and parked a safe distance from any high walls?

  • Are work areas a safe distance from any high wall?

  • Is the site set up in such a way to avoid putting personnel between the high wall and equipment?

  • Do the high walls seem to be in good condition with no overhangs, no visible rubble falling, no tension cracks, etc.?


  • Is the Joy Global field office on site?

  • Are Floor coverings / surfaces in good condition?

  • Are Floors clean, clear with a safe path of travel throughout area from front to back

  • Is the Air conditioning or heater working properly & Ventilation is adequate

  • Are Filing Cabinets / Shelving secure and not overloaded ?

  • Are Lights working, covers in place where required and adequate?

  • Is Equipment such as chairs, desks, computers, etc. in good working condition?

  • If required Is the Safety Book present and up to date and in good order?

  • Are All job forms available?

  • Is the trailer grounded properly?

  • Is the electrical panel and breaker switches labeled correctly and clearly?

  • Are there any open holes or spaces on the electrical box or panel?

  • Is a/c conduit secure?

  • Are electrical receptacle in working order?

  • Is the Joy Global lunch trailer on site?

  • Are Electrically operated appliances current on monthly testing and tagging?

  • Are Power points and power leads on appliances in good condition?

  • Is Housekeeping, storage of food and rubbish disposal maintained?

  • Is the trailer grounded properly?

  • Is the electrical panel and breaker switches labeled clearly and correctly?

  • Are there any open holes or spaces on the electrical box?

  • Are electrical receptacle in working order?

  • If a/c conduit is exposed is it secure?

  • Are there restroom areas on site?

  • Are Toilets being maintained, kept stocked and cleaned on a regular basis?

  • Is there no evidence of sewage spills or overflows?

  • Are there means provided to wash hands? (hand washing stations with water and soap or sanitizer)


  • Is All appropriate PPE being worn and in proper condition?

  • Is replacement PPE available at the worksite?


  • During this inspection, has the inspector inspected any tooling?

  • Are Grinder guards in place?

  • Are Lock on devices removed?

  • Are the Correct wheels being used on grinders?

  • Are Hand held tools in good condition and when not in use being stored appropriately?

  • Are Gas bottles secured / protected from damage or falling over ( e.g strapped or chained to secured fixture)?

  • Are Fuel and Oxygen bottles being stored 25' apart?

  • Is the correct ladder being used and if applicable tied off?

  • Are Ladders used in good working condition and being inspected and documented before use?

  • Were there any generators/welders inspected?

  • Are Leads on welders in good condition?

  • Are they free of leaks or evidence of prior leaks?

  • Are generators grounded?


  • Is a Joy Global employee assigned as ECC?

  • Are Employees trained in lock out tag out try out?

  • Does Each employee have their own lock, picture tag, and one key per lock?

  • Are lock out tag out procedures being followed? ( applied immediately at start of shift and removed at end of every shift)

  • If electricians are on site, are they utilizing proper PPE (leather gloves)


  • Are All vehicles parked properly and in an orderly fashion?

  • Are the Parking breaks being applied when parked?

  • Are Wheel chocks in use, available and in good order?

  • Are Daily Pre-start inspections completed and logged on all machinery and vehicles?

  • If applicable Are Corrective Actions of defects completed in a timely manner?

  • Are vehicles and machinery being maintained clean and sanitary?

  • Is a Spotter used as required, when required?

  • If observed underway, are Radio procedures being followed?

  • If observed underway, are road rules being followed?

  • Are tag lines being used on all things being lifted and moved by crane?

  • Is task training taking place and being documented on all equipment that is being used by employees (forklifts, man lifts,etc.)


  • Is there any current hot work being performed?

  • Is the Permit in place?

  • Are Fire extinguishers readily available for all Hot Work?

  • Are Flashback arresters on cylinders and hand pieces?

  • Is All equip (hoses, etc) in good condition?


  • Are there any areas that employees are working at heights?

  • Are Harnesses and lanyards inspected with documented and worn properly?

  • Have Employees been trained to work at heights?


  • Is there confined space work being performed at the time of this inspection?

  • Is there a Confined space permit in place?

  • Are the Procedures for confined space being followed? (hole watch, permits, etc)

  • Has the Space been declared safe and is monitored regularly while occupied?

  • Had the Air Monitor been calibrated in the past thirty days and is in good working order?


  • Are there any areas of work that hearing protection is currently required ( above 85 decibles)

  • Is the area demarcated to warn others that the hearing protection is required?

  • Is the proper hearing protection being worn ( approved single and/or dual hearing protection)

  • Are there any areas where dual hearing protection is required?


  • Are there any chemicals or flammables on site?

  • Are chemicals being stored correctly when not in use in flammable cabinets?

  • Are all the chemicals clearly labelled?

  • Are only approved chemicals being used?

  • Are Chemicals being used or stored on site, not expired or obsolete?

  • Are Safety Data Sheets present at location?

  • Are Containers in which chemicals are stored in original packaging, good condition and not leaking?

  • Are secondary containers clearly labeled and marked with contents and health diamond?

  • Are Spill kits available and fully stocked?

  • Are emergency showers or eye wash stations available & easily assessable?

  • Are there flammable cabinets storage on site, to include inside any service trucks?

  • Are the cabinets clearly marked with warnings?

  • Is cabinet free of spills on the inside?

  • Are cabinets free from combustibles such as cardboard and paper?

  • Are cabinets being stored in an area away from designated smoking areas, fueling areas, and gas cylinders?

  • Are there fire extinguishers on site?

  • Are fire extinguishers up to date on yearly and monthly inspections?

  • Are all labels and stickers on the fire extinguisher in good condition on readable?

  • Are the fire extinguishers located in all work areas through out the site, to include flammable storage areas, designated smoking areas, fueling areas etc.


  • Has the site been inspected and documented for known hazards prior to work beginning? And have all employees signed documentation that they are aware of these hazards?

  • Has the daily pre-shift safety tool box meeting been held? If so, note topics discussed.

  • Have FLRA's been completed per individual for individual tasks?


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SIGNATURES : off all involved in completing and review of this audit

  • Completed audit/inspection needs to be sent to the assigned Manager and Supervisor of area for corrective actions to be addressed and to the Health and Safety Department for record keeping.

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