1. Previous Inspections

  • 1.1. Site

  • 1.2. Steel

2. Health and Building Surveyor's Checklist

  • 2.1. Is there a gap of > 100mm between the backwash pipe and the sewer

  • 2.2. Is a resuscitation chart present

  • 2.3. Is the pool:
    a. On a property larger than 2 hectares
    b. On a property smaller than 230m^2
    c. On a water front property
    d. Installed prior to 1 August 1990
    If the answer to a, b, c or d is yes then the fence need not completely isolate the pool from the house. (See sketches for where a fence is required.)

  • 2.4. Is the pool fence so designed as to isolate the pool from the house

  • 2.5. Are there any gaps greater than 100mm under the fence

  • 2.6. Height at least 1.2m (normal type) and 1.8m (perforated type)

  • 2.7. Horizontal members at least 900mm apart

  • 2.8. 1.2m quadrant clear around fence

  • 2.9. Are there any gaps in the fence more than 100mm wide

  • 2.10. Are there any horizontal surfaces within 300mm of the fence

  • 2.11. Is the lowest horizontal at least 1.1m below the top of the fence


  • 2.12. Outward opening action

  • 2.13. Self closing satisfactory

  • 2.14. Catch operation satisfactory

  • 2.15. Height of latch at least 1.5m or the correct 450mm radius shields fitted

  • 2.16. Overall operation satisfactory

Non-isolated pools:

  • 2.17. Is the required fencing provided

  • 2.18. Door requirements
    Self closing
    Latch at least 1.5m off floor
    There must be no footholds > 100mm off the floor

  • 2.19. Window requirements
    Located so that the height to the window equals or exceeds 1.2m and no footholds reduce the effective height;
    Fixed or enclosed by grills so that no openings exceed 100mm


  • 3.1. Result

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