Building details

Building number

Building Name

Evacuation Practice Start time
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Evacuate Practice Finish
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Evacuation Report

Duration of the drill

Training of wardens - competent?

Chief Warden simulated phoning QFRS to confirm a fire / incident

Chief Warden's Use of Evacuation System

All Wardens Wearing Hats

Inspections by Floor Wardens

Floor Wardens report on WIP's

Floor Wardens Physically Reported

Evacuation Co-ordination instructions given

Procedures to escort disabled persons and visitors

Evacuation Procedures and alarm signals identified

Means of escape and clear paths of travel

Location of Fire Equipment and their use

Procedures for the conducting of staff, students & visitors to the exits and on to the Assembly Areas

Identified Procedural Short Comings


Follow up required


Sign of Chief Fire Warden
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