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Weekly Fire Exit Checks

F2 Intake chill

  • Intake Chill to Yard

  • Noodle to Low Care (Changing Area)

  • Noodle Room to Outside

  • Low Care Corridor to Outside

  • Noodle Room to Low Care FE

F2 Loft

  • Exit to outside factory

  • Exit to F2 Packing

  • Exit to yard close to F2 Dispatch

  • Canteen Store room to Loft

  • Vending Machine area to Loft

  • Training room to document store

  • Training Room to Corridor with fridge

  • Document store to loft

F2 H/Care

  • Exit to change area

  • Exit via change area L/care noodles

  • Main Ent/Exit


  • Exit from bakery to change corridor

  • Exit from Packing are to dispatch ramp

  • Exit from baking are to dispatch chill

F2 Packing & disptch

  • Exit from change are to outside

  • Exit to dispatch chill

  • Exit from packing to corridor to change area

  • Exit from dispatch chill to yard beside the w’shop

F1 main entrance

  • Exit to outside

  • Exit at Toilets

  • Female Changing

  • Mens changing

  • Corridor to Coleslaw Packing

Intake chill

  • Exit to outside at unloading ramp

  • Exit to potato peeling

Mushroom line

  • Exit to outside


  • Exit to waste area

  • Exit to outside


  • Exit to decant

  • Exit to WIP chill

  • Exit from WIP chill to outside

  • Exit corridor to time clock

C/S H/care mixing

  • Exit C/slaw WIP chill to outside

C/S L/care packing

  • Exit to corridor

  • Exit to outside


  • Exit to admin stairs

  • Exit from spice corridor to yard via hoop ladder

  • Exit to yard via steps

  • Exit to yard via hoop ladder - Box maker


  • Exit mayo to outside

  • Soup low care exit to corridor

  • Soup high care exit to corridor

  • Soup Packing exit to Outside

  • Exit from mayo store to packing

Old crate store

  • Exit to crate store

  • Exit to outside at rollup door

  • Exit to outside beside admin


  • Exit into crate store

  • Exit from crate store to outside

  • Exit to office block

  • Exit from office stairs to outside

  • Exit from office block changing to outside

  • Exit from Dunnes area to Outside

Accounts Admin

  • Exit to outside

  • Ex to accounts admin

Technical Building

  • Main Ent

  • Ground Floor FE

  • NPD FE


  • FE 1

  • FE2

  • FE3

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