• HSBC

  • Conducted on

  • Select date

  • Prepared by

  • A Pyzer

  • T Baker

  • I Jensen

  • Was the civil defence informed of the drill?

  • Did the staff have prior knowledge of the drill?

  • Did the fire alarm sound?

  • Did the fire Marshall identify his/her self?

  • Did they have a high visibility jacket / vest on?

  • Were computers shut down?

  • Were cash and records secured?

  • Were the windows and doors closed?

  • Were the lifts used?

  • Did the fire Marshall do a check of all the rooms they are responsible for?

  • Did the fire warden address his instructions to ALL in the immediate area (including contractors and customers)?

  • Did the staff react per the FW instructions?

  • Is the assembly point clearly marked?

  • Add media

  • Were the staff aware of the assembly point without being told?

  • Was a roll call taken at the assembly point?

  • Did staff re-enter the building before being given the 'all clear'

  • Was security stationed at door to guide fire service and ensure security?

Time taken to evacuate the building from start of alarm to end of drill

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