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  • Are all internal and external fire escape routes accessible, correctly signed and free from obstruction?

  • Are all areas free from slip, trip or fall hazards?

  • Are waste materials suitably prepared for collection and not creating a hazard?

  • Is storage in and around internal/external areas (including risers and plant rooms) not presenting a hazard or risk of arson?

  • Are all areas free of evidence of inadequate fire stopping around service pipework or between rooms and compartments?

  • Has a fire risk assessment been carried out, and regularly reviewed as appropriate, in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 in England and Wales, or the Fire (Scotland) Act in Scotland? And significant findings addressed?

  • Are Fire alarm systems tested weekly and serviced at periods not exceeding six months in accordance with BS 5839-1?

  • Are the fire extinguishers and emergency light being maintained in accordance with BS5306 and BS 5266/BS 5266 respectively?

  • Has the tenant carried out a fixed wiring inspection within the last 5 years and priority 1 and 2 items completed?

  • Are stock heights at least 500mm below the level of sprinkler deflectors and not obstructing fire curtains and shutters?

  • Are automatic sprinklers tested and serviced in accordance with BS5306-2: Weekly tests carried out and water flow alarms are tested quarterly?

  • Are smoke control vents, fans and curtains tested and maintained in accordance with the recommendations of BS 5588-12: Weekly, quarterly and annually?

  • Are adequate numbers of fire wardens appointed and trained to ensure that sufficient wardens are always available to check that all areas of the premises are evacuated in the event of fire, and that the resulting information is passed to the building fire marshal for onward transmission to the attending fire officer?

  • Are fire procedures appropriate and rehearsed, such as fire drills, and the fire procedure include any necessary arrangements for evacuation of disabled people?

  • Is the area free of any processes or hazards which are likely to negatively affect other tenants or common areas?

  • Has the tenant confirmed that all duties in respect of fire precautions, required under the lease, are being satisfied? (Refer tenant to CBRE for any lease advice)

  • If there is cooking equipment. Are extract filters cleaned or changed in accordance with their usage and is there a contract in place for deep cleaning of ductwork?

  • If there are any fire suppression systems, are they installed by Manufacturers approved by The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and maintained within last 12 months?

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