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Fire Safety

  • All fire extinguishers have a current annual inspection by a licensed service technician.

  • Date the fire extinguishers were inspected.

  • Emergency doors open properly, electronically and with keys.

  • Exit signs work properly.

  • Automatic Fire Alarm is visual inspected daily.

  • Automatic Fire Alarm has current annual inspection by a licensed service technician.

  • Date the Fire Alarm was annual inspection by a licensed service technician.

  • All fire hazards observed (frayed wires, overloaded receptacles, etc.) have been corrected or made safe.

  • All receptacles and electrical devices are in working order.

  • A fire drill has been conducted in the last thirty days.


  • Firearm storage is operational and proper key control is in place for stored weapons?

  • Proper key control is practiced in the facility and all keys are accounted for and secure.

  • Communication device and emergency equipment are in working order including: telephones, radios, panic alerts, and emergency control shut downs?

  • Housing areas searched prior to offenders movement (Bunk or cell)?

  • No evidence of tampering with walls, locks, vents or any other areas of the housing area.

  • Proper tool control is practiced in the facility and all tools and culinary equipment are accounted for and secure?

  • First aid kit are adequately supplied and placed in proper areas of the facility.


  • Chemicals or cleaning solutions are properly secured,

  • Chemicals or cleaning solutions use are properly log and an inventory is conducted by each shift.

  • Lavatories, showers, drains, water fountains, and toilets work properly and there is no other water problems or leaks.

  • Lavatories, showers, drains, and toilets are clean.

  • Lighting fixtures are working properly and all light bulbs are working.

  • Floors, walls, and closets are clean and proper waste control is being practiced.

  • Floors, walls, and closets are painted and the paint is in good condition (No paint is peeling or waring).

  • Pest or vermin control is being practiced and there is no infestations.

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