• Monthly Fire Sprinkler & Standpipe Inspection Report

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General Information

  • Information on this form covers the minimum requirements of NFPA 25 (2014) Chapter 13, for visual inspections of fire sprinkler and standpipe components. Separate forms are available to inspect, test and maintain the rest of the fire protection system of which the fire alarm is a part.

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  • Date of Inspection:

  • All responses refer to the current inspection performed on this date.

  • Fire sprinkler service vendor:

Monthly Inspection

  • Valves

  • 1) Control valves are in their normal open position?

  • 2) Alarm valves and test valves are in their normal closed position?

  • 3) Control valves are locked in the open position or are electronically supervised?

  • 4) Valves are free of leaks or damage?

  • 5) Valves are marked with appropriate identification sign?

  • 6) Fire department connection is accessible, properly marked, with caps in place.

  • Gauges

  • 1) Gauges show normal water pressures?at

  • 2) Gauges are free of leaks or damage?

  • Record notes here.

  • Add photos here if necessary.

Inspector's Information

  • Company: MacKenzie Services

  • I state that the information on this form is correct at the time and place of inspection, and that all equipment tested at this time was left in operational condition upon completion of this inspection.

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