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Arrival on Site

1. Arrival at Station

  • Summary of Operation

  • Pictures of Operation

  • 1.1. Are there signing in arrangements in place?

  • 1.2. Have all FTS staff working on site signed in?

  • 1.3. Have all FTS staff working on site received a safety briefing from station staff informing them of the emergency evacuation procedure?

  • 1.4. Where at the station are the rail replacement services operating from?

  • 1.5. Is there clear signage directing passengers to the RRS loading area?

  • 1.6. Are relevant speed limit signs displayed?

  • 1.7. Have all FTS staff and contractors (drivers etc.) working on site been made aware of the safe method of working?

  • 1.8. Is the site specific method of working and vehicle movements being complied with?

  • 1.9. Is there adequate lighting in the vehicle movement area, crossing points and pedestrian areas during hours of darkness? (Answer N/A if the RRS are only operated during daylight hours)

Vehicle Movemets

2. Vehicle Movements

  • 2.1. Is there adequate signage within the vehicle movement area notifying of speed limit and vehicle movements?

  • 2.2. Are vehicles travelling at a safe/appropriate speed on approach to the loading/unloading area?

  • 2.3. Is there a requirement for vehicles to reverse?

  • 2.4. Is there a certified banks person on duty and are they assisting with all reversing manoeuvres?

Pedestrian Movements

3. Pedestrian Movements

  • 3.1. Is there adequate signage requesting that the general public do not enter the vehicle movement areas?

  • 3.2. Are there physical barriers preventing access for the general public into the vehicle movement areas?

  • 3.3. Is there any evidence of members of the public entering unauthorised vehicle movement areas?

  • 3.4. Are crossing points in suitable locations? (eg not on a bend, or sharp left turn)


4. Welfare Arrangements

  • 4.1. Do staff understand their health and safety responsibilities?

  • 4.2. Are sufficient numbers of toilets for ladies, gents and disabled available?

  • 4.3. Are "lone working" controls in place?

  • 4.4. Are "young workers" protected as per the policy standards?

  • 4.5. Is the station smoking policy being complied with?

FTS Staff Safety

5. FTS Staff Safety

  • 5.1. Is there a valid and up to date risk assessment for this station?

  • 5.2. Have all FTS staff been briefed on the safe method of working and risk assessment?

  • 5.3. Are all FTS staff trained in conflict avoidance?

  • 5.4. Are all FTS staff wearing hi-vis garments in traffic movement areas?

  • 5.5. Are all FTS staff wearing the appropriate safe footwear?

  • 5.6. Have all FTS staff been issued with and wearing PPE appropriate for the weather conditions

Slips Trips and Falls

6. Slips Trips and Falls

  • 6.1. Are walkways free from slip and trip hazards?

  • 6.2. In adverse weather conditions have pedestrian walkways, vehicle movement area and pick-up/drop-off points been suitable treated against the risk of slips?

  • 6.3. Is the site free from pot holes?

  • 6.4. Are all stairways free from slip and trip hazards?

  • 6.5. Are hand rails suitable and sufficient?

  • 6.6. Are there notices/signs asking people to use handrails?

Audit additional comments

  • 7.1. Any other comments or issues that should be highlighted.

  • Add media

Audit Sign off

8. Audit sign off

  • 8.1. Good practice to share

  • 8.2. Recommendations and suggestions for further development of the safety management system at this location

Please ensure all non conformance issues detailed in this audit, under each section, are transferred to the depot corrective action register and discussed at the monthly safety meeting. Please ask your Regional Safety Manager for further advice & support if you need it.

  • 8.3. Audit completed

  • 8.4. Auditor

  • 8.5. Auditors signature

  • 8.6. Any further comments for the FTS team.

  • 8.7. Audit furnished to:

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