• We are not looking for a full detailed vehicle audit here, we need to have equipment up to the standard of our client’s expectations. This report which is a tick box exercise will contribute to this. The questions are YES/NO answers and there is a comments column to provide additional detail, if you can take any photographs to back up any comments (good & bad points) then please email these to the

  • Customer Name:

  • Date & Time Observation Conducted:

  • Address:
  • Operator Name:

  • Diagram Number:

  • Inspection by:

  • Accompanied by:

Vehicle Standards

Vehicle Details

  • Vehicle Registration Mark:

  • Vehicle Operator Licence Number:

  • Driver Name:

  • Vehicle Make:

  • Vehicle Model:

  • Vehicle Colour:

  • Vehicle Type:

  • Vehicle Class:

  • Year of Manufacture:

  • Number of Seats:

  • Air Conditioning?

  • Welfare Facilities (Toilets)?

  • Disabled Access?

  • Satellite Navigation System?

  • Wifi?

  • Vehicle Tracking Systems?

  • Tracking System Name:

Vehicle Exterior Checks

  • Photographs of Vehicle (Outside):

  • Is the legal lettering present?

  • Is the windscreen free of chips, cracks, publicity material?

  • Are the vehicle mirrors clean and free from damage?

  • Are the vehicles exterior lights in working order and free from damages?

  • Are the directional indicators working and free from damages?

  • Are the body panels free from damages?

  • Are the locker doors secure (Coach only)?

  • Are the windows free from damages?

  • Are the tyres safe and free from damages to the side wall?

  • If the vehicle has wheel nut markers fitted, are they all correctly positioned?

  • Is there any sign of excessive smoke from the exhaust?

  • Are there any signs of an oil/fluid leak?

  • Is the vehicle clean and presentable?

Vehicle Interior Checks

  • Photographs of Vehicle (Inside):

  • Are the steps into the vehicle clear of any obstruction?

  • If the vehicle is fitted with a crew seat is it in the upright position?

  • Is the dashboard and drivers area clear of any obstruction?

  • Is the vehicle free of litter?

  • If the vehicle is fitted with a toilet, is this accessible and clean?

  • Does the vehicle have an unpleasant odour (musty, damp etc.)?

  • Is the temperature of the vehicle reasonable for passengers?

  • First Aid Kit (Number of Persons, Unused, last checked etc…)?

  • Fire Extinguisher (Suitable, Sufficient, Within date of last service etc…)?

  • Are the condition of the seatbelts safe (if at risk, please indicate the row & seat number(s))?

Summary of Vehicle Inspection

  • Is the Vehicle of an acceptable standard?

Driver Standards

  • Is the driver in uniform?

  • If not in uniform, are they smart (no jeans or trainers)?

  • Did the driver assist with boarding/alighting?

  • Did the driver assist with luggage?

  • Was the driver friendly & polite?

  • Is the driver knowledgeable of the route(s) they are driving?

  • Is the driver using a Sat-Nav device?

  • Does the driver have access to the pace notes supplied by FRS?

  • Is the driver using the FRS supplied pace notes?

  • Does the company have a Drugs & Alcohol policy?

  • Does the driver appear to be fit for duty?

  • Does the driver have their last 28 days of Tachograph charts with them?

  • At unmanned stations does the driver make safety announcements prior to departure (ensuring passengers are wearing seatbelts)?

  • At unmanned stations does the driver make announcements detailing the destination and where the vehicle will be stopping along the route?

  • What date and time did the drivers last shift finish?

  • What time did the driver start shift today?


  • Inspectors Signature:

  • Drivers Signature:

The templates available in our Public Library have been created by our customers and employees to help get you started using SafetyCulture's solutions. The templates are intended to be used as hypothetical examples only and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice. You should seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of a template is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction. You should independently determine whether the template is suitable for your circumstances.