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  • Station

  • Registry/Nose#

  • Outbound Flight#

  • Gate Number

  • Agents Initials or First name

  • A/C

1. Did Agent properly setup for the flight?

  • a. Did not print Dispatch Release/Weather Man

  • b. Did not print fuel slip (depends on station)

  • c. Other

2. Did Agent properly meet the aircraft?

  • a. Security of jetbridge compromised?

  • b. Agent did not verify crew on crew change (TSA)

  • c. Jetbridge in safety zone or in safety box (if one is there)

  • d. Did not verify aircraft number

  • e. Jetbridge moved before aircraft chocked (pending hand signals)

  • f. Canopy not down

  • g. Jetbridge bumper touching aircraft

  • h. Jetbridge bumper is above the red line (717 only)

  • i. Other

3. Did Agent properly communicate with Flight Ops/Inflight?

  • a. Did not communicate UM

  • b. No Crew Member to take custody of UM

  • c. Did not communicate thru Customers

  • d. Other

4. Preboard/General boarding announcements?

  • a. Did not offer priority boarding to Customers holding blue sleeves

  • b. Other

5. Did Agent properly board flight?

  • a. Did not scan boarding passes as Customers boarded

  • b. Ignored boarding GUI prompts

  • d. Allowed excess baggage to board (FAA)

  • c. Allowed oversized baggage to board (FAA)

  • e. Failed to reconcile flight in boarding GUI

  • f. Other

6. Did Agent gather all required paperwork?

  • a. Failed to obtain FD-201R

  • b. Obtained signed copy of FD-201R before flight arrived

  • c. FD-201R not signed. 3 signatures total (2-ramp, 1-Captain)

  • d. Failed to obtain signed dispatch release

  • e. .Z not printed (if applicable)

  • f. Fails to enter security checks for originators in FTWEB (Orig only)

  • g. Other

7. Did Agent properly handle gate checked items?

  • a. Items not added to FD-201R

  • b. Items not added to Loading Schedule(pending policy verification)

  • c. Other

8. Did Agent perform final communication with Inflight?

  • a. Did not hear "All set" communication for Pax count between Flight Crew and Ops

  • b. Did not take UM down with envelope to FA to be signed

  • c. Did not give Inflight the seat map

  • d. Other

9. Was Agent wearing PPE upon arrival of A/C

  • a. Crew Member not wearing hearing protection

  • b. Other

10. Did Agent close flight out properly?

  • a. Did not print flight close paperwok

  • b. FlightManifest does not reflect designated flight

  • c. Does not resolve mismatch with .Z and flight manifest

  • d. Other


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