• Document No.

  • Flammable Storage / Refuse Inspection

  • Area Inspected

  • Area Supervisor

  • Inspected by

  • Role

  • Client

  • Conducted on

Flammable Storage Cabinets

  • Flammable Storage Cabinet (must do at least 4 units)

  • Cabinet
  • Cabinet location and number (if present)

  • Take picture of cabinet (including signs if any)

  • Free of visible damage?

  • Is the cabinet off the ground?

  • Is the cabinet clearly labelled?

  • Does the door close and latch?

  • Is there anything stored on top?

  • Do the flammables stored inside have WHMIS labels?

  • Is the area around the cabinet free of spills?

  • Does the cabinet meet company standards?

  • Provide work order number or purchase order number to replace unit?

  • Comments

Fuel and Oil Storage

  • Fuel an Oil Storage area (must do at least 1 area)

  • Storage Area
  • Fuel and Oil Storage Location

  • Take picture of storage area including signs if any

  • All garbage removed from the area?

  • Lighting in good order?

  • Fire suppression in good order and up to date?

  • Housekeeping up to company standards?

Flammable Refuse

  • Flammable Refuse (must do at least 1 units)

  • Flammable Refuse Area
  • Flammable refuse area location

  • Take picture of area including signs

  • All garbage cans are steel and in good condition?

  • All garbage cans and dumpsters have lids?

  • Remove garbage and timber on a weekly basis? Reg 854, section 29(2) for UG mine

Comments / Actions

  • Enter comments

  • Enter actions

Review / Sign Off

  • Supervisor

  • General Foreman

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