1.0 - Water Control

  • 1.1 - Is there area free from standing water?

  • 1.2 - Are all drains in good condition? (No back-ups or blocked)

  • 1.3 - Is the area free from any water leaks? (Steam, condensation)

2.0 - Pest Control

  • 2.1 - Is the area free from evidence of pest trails?

  • 2.2 - Is the area free from any fruit/drain fly or insect activity?

  • 2.3 - Are all doors and windows in the area closed?

  • 2.4 - Are all roller doors and plastic curtains providing adequate proofing to pests?

3.0 - Sanitation & Housekeeping

  • 3.1 - Is the line running?

  • 3.2 - Have all food spill ages been swept up and kept on top of?

  • 3.3 - Is cleaning equipment in good condition?

  • 3.4 - Are floor areas clean?

  • 3.5 - Are all bins at a reasonable level? (Not full)

4.0 - Employee GMP

  • 4.1 - Are the shadow boards fully stocked with the correct tools?

  • 4.2 - Are all ops wearing the correct PPE?

  • 4.3 - Are all floor or sheets filled out correctly with no pre filling?

  • 4.8 - Is the area and equipment free from temporary repairs?

5.0 - Overhead Foodstream

  • 5.1 - Is the area free from peeling paint?

  • 5.2 - Are all ledges/ light fittings free from heavy dust build up?

  • 5.3 - Are all sections of open conveyor free from foreign objects potentially falling from above?

6.0 - Product Protection

  • 6.1 - Is the area free from loose wood or broken pallets?

  • 6.2 - Is the area free from any cracked Perspex near the foodstream?

  • 6.3 - Is the area free from and loose nuts & bolts or metal swarf?

7.0 - Condition of Building & Equipment

  • 7.1 - Are all tiles in the area in a good condition and not broken?

  • 7.2 - Are all floors in the area in a good condition and free from holes, broken sections and cracks?

  • 7.3 - Are all conveyor belts in good condition?

  • 7.4 - Is the building fabric in a good condition?

8.0 - Contractor Practices

  • 8.1 - Are all CDM areas kept clean?

  • 8.2 - Are all GMP practices being followed by contractors?

  • 8.3 - Is all contractor equipment tidy and in the correct storage location?

  • 8.4 - Is CDM sh eating adequate?

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