Title Page

  • Operator Name:

  • Evaluator Name:

  • Client:

  • Conducted on

  • Authorized Equipment:


  • Does the company perform inspections each shift the forklift is used? Does the operator know where the inspection form is located?


  • 3 points of control facing the forklift?

  • Seat belt used?

  • Disengage parking break?

Picking up & Placing Load

  • Square up on center of the load:

  • Make sure there is sufficient clearance for the load:

  • Stop with the forks tips about 1 foot from the load:

  • Clears personal from the area near the load:

  • Levels the forks; then slowly approaches the load until the load contacts the carriage:

  • Lifts the load carefully and smoothly until it is clear:

  • Tilts the mast back slightly to stabilize the load:

  • Looks over both shoulders before lowering the load:

  • After out and stopped, lowers the load to traveling height:

  • Raise the load to placement level:

  • Lower forks to traveling position:

Traveling with load

  • Does not raise or lower the forks while traveling, if needed stops before raising or lowering then continues traveling:

  • Maintains safe speed:

  • Observes all traffic rules, warning signs, floor load limits, and overhead clearances:

  • Keeps arms, hands, legs, and feet inside the roll over cage at all times:

  • Follows other vehicles at safe distance:

  • Slows down when cornering:

  • Uses horn to alert others:

  • Travels with load facing uphill while on a ramp or incline:

  • Stops smoothly:


  • Fully lower forks:

  • Neutralizes controls:

  • Sets the brakes:

  • Turn off power:

  • If parked on incline, block the wheels:

  • Park only in authorized areas:

Fueling And or Battery Recharging

  • Engine off:

  • Fire extinguisher nearby:

  • Proper personal protective equipment, have them list what they would wear for refueling, adding water, recharging, etc :

  • Spills cleaned up immediately: How would they clean up a spill?

  • Ensure following safe fueling and recharging procedures:

Evaluation Assessment

  • Based on my evaluation the operator has successfully completed the evaluation and is qualified to operate the equipment listed I. The authorized equipment section above.

  • Operators Signature

  • Evaluators Signature

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