Read Building Schedule For Inclusions & Variations

  • Window Frame Colour

  • Glazing Type to Wet Areas

  • Entry Doors & Entry Locks styles & Colour

  • Fascia, Gutter colour & profile

  • Check Hand of all windows

Read Building Schedule For Inclusions & Variations

  • Check downpipe pop positions

  • External tap positions

  • Meter box position

  • Gables / Overhang positions

  • Frame overhang from slab no more than 15mm

  • Mark all AJ joints


  • Packers under nib return over door recess

  • Auto unit noggings in position

  • Manhole formed as per plan/size


  • Installed correctly with margins

  • No damage to glass , frames or reveals

  • Packers installed for support over 1800mm

  • Correct drop off height to fascia groove

  • All windows and sliding doors are able to be locked

  • Kitchen window installed at 913mm above slab with no bottom reveal

Insulation installation complete

  • Wall wrap

  • Internal batts installed

  • Roof Sarking , anticon with any holes taped

Check all rough ins complete

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Gas

  • Air con

  • Vacumaid

  • Alarm

Frame inspection Checklist

  • Check ceiling noggs for change of direction

  • Check bracing and tie down

  • Check lintel sizes as per brace layout

  • Check packers above / below window for architrave fixing

  • Check corner ceiling noggs for hips

  • Check partition brackets every 1200mm

  • Check girder trusses for tie down & HDW plate under

  • Saddle trusses to be triple gripped or blocked

  • Hip rafters strapped to girder if 1800mm from pitch point

  • Transfer blocks installed above internal A4/B4 brace walls

  • All noggings in position

  • Pergola trim installed as per plan position & strutted back to frame

  • Check truncated girder truss is installed plumb or span / 200mm max

Frame inspection Checklist

  • Frame inspection Checklist

  • Check doorways and hampers widths

  • Check sizes of feature openings, wall recesses & planter shelve heights

  • Kitchen wall frame plan dimension (external wall to nib wall)

  • Check noggings for WIR (1650mm), Towel rails (1000mm)

  • WC roll nogging (850mm), Cistern nogging (800mm)

  • Wall noggings to be vertical or planed

  • Extra studs required in fridge and pantry for shelves

  • Check bath for chips and scratches

  • Check bath hob is level , equal width, bath cover is fitted

  • Check bath lip to frame 15mm for villa and tile fit

  • Check cavity unit fitted correctly and fittings are secure

  • Check all walls plumb & straight (max 5mm QBCC)

  • Check all timber columns are plumb , straight and square

  • Check robe heads are level & 12mm short than framing for plaster install

  • Check all wide hampers & bulkheads for plumb & level

  • Check shower walls and corners are perfect

  • Check wet area floors for square

  • Check deluxe shower step installed (deluxe only) level & solid construction

  • Check blocks to robe nibs for shelf support fixing points

  • Check certifier inspection booked & completed

  • Fill in call forward inspection date & date certifier passed frame stage

  • Organise carpenter to rectify any items of defect

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