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Fibre Blowing

Site Information

  • Confirm that every effort has been made to check ill-fitted connectors/gel wraps or any other air leakage

  • Confirm the team is blowing back to the right SN as per civils drawing/as-built.

  • Confirm that the Blowing team have tried blowing both ways and where possible using multiple blowing points

  • Sprayed up X on the ground where the blockage is believed to be (multiple photos may be required to show location)

  • Meterage from SN or Toby where the blockage is believed to be

  • If it is a slow stop (build-up of friction etc) or a hard stop (a kink or something that stops the fibre instantly). Provide details

  • Civils drawing annotated with an X on where the blockage is believed to be

  • Please state cable type being blown

  • Please confirm the amount of wasted fibre cable in attempted blows (metres)

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