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  • Assess the inspiration and energy levels of the morning meeting held by the Store Leader.

  • Is all team members in the correct uniform with badges and the correct masks?

  • Is every team member aware of the store performance, their own personal performance and all important promotions in the store?

  • Is the front windows clean as to start off our customers on a world class journey through our store, Banners correct and steamed where needed and is all lighting in the windows working.

  • Is the pricing done for items displayed in the window.

  • All mannequins dressed in the correct merchandise as VM instructions and styled correctly.


  • Assess the overall cleanliness of the store in general.

  • Is the window plans implemented as per VM instructions and also rate the optimizations in extra window

  • Is the best product merchandised in the store hotspots/ front and secondary tables (keeping value of sales that could be generated in areas in mind as well as the top 10 selling items of the previous day). Add notes and photos of issues and optimizations identified.

  • Is merchandising principals as communicated by VM been implemented (Color pallets kept together) and substitutions made based on communications mailed to the store from VM

  • Check that all current promotions are implemented correctly in the store with the relevant marketing/ signage. Add notes and photos of issues and optimizations identified.

  • Check a sample of 20 shoes on display for prices and placement of prices.

  • Check the flat packing standards in store (Maximum height with size stickering)

  • Is testers available of all fragrances sold n the store

  • No boxes on the sales floor when store is trading (customer bags/ new stock not being actively packed out included)

  • Is the store aircons working set at optimal temperature.

  • In store music on and playing at an acceptable level.

  • Store lights working and set up correctly.

  • Does the store have their planogram (indicating which team member is responsible for what section) up in the back as to asses departmental responsibilities?

  • Is the daily departmental checklists for the week filed and is poor performance documented with the relevant progressive discipline?

  • Identify all maintenance issues in the store and assess the level that the leader is attending to or following up on issues


  • Assess if every customer's journey starts with being greeted and directed at the front door and their hands get's sanitized (Not just hi sir or man but thank you for choosing our Cape Union Mart and how can we start your journey today.

  • Is the Fitting rooms uncluttered and clean (no security tags hidden behind the mirrors?

  • Assess the level of customer service checks by the leadership (needs to complete one per day with immediate feedback and corrective action)

  • Observe 1 sales interaction physically and rate the overall service levels (indicate the names of team members assessed).

  • Is cashiers promoting add on sales and is there an add on sale target set for every cashier?


  • Assess the standards in the stockroom - must mirror the sales floor with regards to world class standards (all departments to be kept separate, Flat pack floor ready, Footwear top to bottom/ left to right, Stock in boxes neat and floor ready)

  • Customer set asides area maintained and expiry dates checked (check till slip attached)

  • Lay buy area maintained and expiry dates checked.

  • Check a sample of 10 items: Are they represented on the sales floor?

  • Check a selection of 10 rails/ wall bays of apparel for size curving disciplines and if all sizes are represented.

  • Check a sample of 20 rail arms - are they stocked optimally (not too empty and not too full as to be difficult to shop from)

  • Check 20 rail or wall arms for hanger disciplines and attention to detail (Top buttons and zips)

  • Assess the level of odd item management(less than 4 in style and not a full size curve) from the store leadership (Want full size curves of the newest product on the sales floor)

  • In Transit - No IBT's older than 1 week.

  • Assess the active approach from the store leader on out of stock items (stock jockey communication with follow ups/ requesting the area leader to drop required stock after securing the stock from a neighboring store/ e-mailed requests to planners with solid facts backing enquiries)

  • Check that all consolidations have been actioned since last check.

  • Check if all price changes from the last visit have been actioned (check barcodes and price override report)


  • Check a sample of 10 - 15 days: Is the Covid 19 checklists is completed in full and signed off by Leadership every single day (Symptoms identified/ Active screenings happening/ Active in store sanitation and cleaning happening)?

  • Check a sample of 10 - 15 days: Is the refund checks being done following the correct procedures and make a note of 4 refund transactions physically checked during the visit.

  • Is the ultra violet lights in working order and actively used to check for counterfeit bank notes.

  • Check for understanding of banking policies with Leadership and if it get's followed when taking cash to the bank.

  • Rubbish discarded in clear plastic bags and get's get's checked by leadership before leaving the store

  • Alarms tested weekly with proof filed.

  • Manual invoice book kept in the safe.

  • Check a sample of 20 applicable items for sensomatic tagging.

  • Assess negative stock issues and the active management thereof by the store leadership. (Does adjustments get done daily?)

  • Assess the feedback from the store leadership on the latest automated shrinkage report for accuracy.

  • Assess weekly completion of Hazard counts and theft adjustments done.

  • Assess perpetual count completion.

  • Has all ladders been removed from the sales floor when not actively in use?

  • Is the fire extinguisher service up to date?

  • Is every section on the sales floor covered by a team member as to observe attempted shoplifting at all times?

  • Check the level on which the Ohasa file is maintained as per required policies by store leadership.


  • Assess the neatness and cleanliness of the POS area


  • Rate the store sales performance against targeted sales.

  • Rate the year to date UPT performance of the store against target.

  • Rate the year to date basket size performance of the store against target.

  • Rate the sign up performance of the store against target.

  • Rate the Omni performance of the store against target.

  • Rate Staff training - product ignite test completion rate.

  • Rate the level of Staff personnel and Brag file management.

  • Assess the level that Leadership manages poor performing staff members and celebrates great performance (Documented and proof)

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