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  • Inspection area

  • Conducted on

  • Inspection team


Environmental Management

  • Have are inspections been completed by area owner?

  • Have all actions from the previous work area inspection been closed?<br>

  • Does the work area have sufficient stocked spill kits?

  • Does the work area manage stormwater by diverting clean water away from sources of potential contamination?

  • Does the work area retain potentially contaminated storwater for treatment?

  • Does the work area correctly segregate and manage waste streams?


  • Monitoring

Licence Monitoring

  • Have monthly volumes of treated effluent discharge been recorded?

  • Have representative effluent discharge samples been collected and analysed as per licence conditions?

  • We're there any exceedances recorded from the previous representitive effluent discharge sample?

  • Has the WWTP been resampled?

  • Wastewater treatment

  • WWTP location

  • WWTP

Wastewater treatment

  • Is the facility secured and appropriately signposted?

  • Is plant operating effectively, have performance sample results been reviwed?

  • Is the area free of spills, and leaks with no disenable loss apparent?

  • Is the facility free of vegetation growth in or around WWTP area that may cause a risk to operation?

  • Does effluent discharge consist only of treated sewage and is it discharged to the designated irrigation sprayfield?

  • Is overall house keeping ok?

  • Does the work area manage facility bunding?

  • Is the bund in good condition with no visable cracks, defects or containment issues and bund valve closed and locked?

  • Evaporation ponds

Evaporation ponds

  • Is the pond free of vegetation growth that may cause a risk to operation?

  • Is the pond liner in good condition?

  • Is the pond free of sediment (hence, not affecting capacity)?

  • Is there evidence that the pond has overtopped in a manner than may cause a risk to operations?

  • Does the pond have suitable fauna egress matting?

  • Sprayfield


  • Is the sprayfield area fenced and signposted appropriately?

  • Are the sprinklers operating effectively?

  • Has effluent been contained within the sprayfield without ponding?

  • Are invasive weeds managed within the sprayfield so that they do not pose a risk to operations ?

Summary and Corrective Actions

  • Is the facility operating as designed with no actions required?

  • Actions Required

  • Action
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