• Document No.

  • General Audit Title

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

General Hospital Information

  • Hospital/Clinic Name

  • Photo of Hospital/Clinic

  • Address
  • Phone No.

  • Doctors Name

  • Doctors Email

  • Head Nurses Name

  • Head Nurses Email

  • Technician/s

  • Technicians email

  • Number of Patients

  • Number of Dialysis Stations

  • Number of ICU Points



  • Raw water tank/s and booster pump/s

  • Add media

  • Sand/Media Filter-Size-Valve Type- Backwash Flowrate

  • Sand/Media Filter

  • Water Softener-Brine Tank Setup

  • Water Softener & Brine Assembly

  • Carbon Filtration

  • Does the Carbon Filter meet the required EBCT

  • Carbon Filters

  • Cartridge Filtration

  • Cartridge Filter

  • Brand of Reverse Osmosis System/Manufacturer

  • Model I.e. How many membranes? Output of System? Year of Installation?

  • Does the Reverse Osmosis Meet ISO 26722

  • Reverse Osmosis System Photo

  • General comments on Reverse Osmosis System

  • Bypass

  • General Comments of Bypass Arrangement

  • Bypass Photos

  • Distribution System type

  • Loop Material

  • Loop Size

  • Approximate Loop Length

  • Loop & Outlet Points

  • General Comments of Loop & Outlet Points

  • General Comments of WTS Equipment

Reverse Osmosis Tank

Reverse Osmosis Tank (ROT)

  • Brand/Manufacturer

  • Size of Tank in Litres

  • Photo of ROT

  • General Comments of ROT



  • Number - Make - Model - Age

  • Photos of Portable WTS Equipment

  • General Comments on Portable WTS Equipment


Reprocessor Equipment

  • Number-Make-Model-Age

  • Photo of Reprocessing Equipment

  • General Comments of Reprocessing Equipment

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