Student breakroom

  • Was the break room clean?

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  • Were the vending machines stocked?

Learning Resource Center

  • Were the hours of operation clearly posted?

  • Was the LRC neat and orderly?

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  • Was the LRC staffed appropriately?

Bulletin Boards

  • Was the information posted on the bulletin boards up to date?

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  • Did the bulletin boards present information in an orderly fashion?

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  • Were there an adequate number of bulletin boards?

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Campus appearance

  • Was the waiting area/lobby neat, clean, and inviting?

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  • Was the interior of the campus clean and well maintained (to include hallways and stairwells)?

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  • Was the interior of the campus well lit?

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  • Was the parking lot(s) well lit?

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  • Was Security provided - especially after dark?

  • Was the exterior of the campus neat, clean, and well maintained?

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  • Were the laboratories clean, organized and free of clutter?

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  • Were the restrooms clean?

  • Were the restrooms regularly maintained?

  • If this school is located in TX please take a picture of the Student Complaint Policy (form PS401P) as posted.

New Student Orientation

  • Did you attend New Student Orientation?

  • Please check the following Associates that were present at Orientation.

  • Campus President

  • Academic Dean

  • Admissions Director

  • Director of Student Affairs

  • Director of Student Services (if applicable)

  • Director of Graduate Employment (if applicable)

  • Business Office Diretor

  • Financial Aid Director

  • New Start Welcome Team

  • Relevant Program Directors

  • Relevant Program Staff (if available)

  • Lamp Lighters

  • Were the student stations organized and set up in close proximity of one another?

  • Was the Orientation room clean and professionally organized?

  • Did the Campus President complete the Concorde Mission Statement and Core Value activity?

  • Did the Campus President review the Emergency Readiness Plan?

  • Was the Concorde Orientation video played?

  • Did the students leave orientation with a clear and motivated picture of the philosophy of Concorde?

  • Did each department make known its determination to assist each student accomplish his/her goals?

  • Quality Assurance Team Member

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