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Organisation & Administration

• Emergency Evacuation Plan displayed

• Incident/Hazard reporting accessible


• Is the work area clean and orderly

• Are the floors clean

• Are walkways clear of obstructions

• Are covers, guards, rails in place

• Have bins been emptied regularly

• Appropriate signs are displayed and in good condition

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Other inspection

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• Are floor surfaces clean with no liquid spills

• Are floor surfaces free from damage and uneven surfaces

• Are mats flat to the floor with no upturned corners or edges

• Are walkways, stairs, ramps clear of boxes, rubbish or other trip hazards

• Are steps and ramps marked with Hi-Visibility edging

Heat Exposure

• Are fire blankets or extinguishers in close range for use if required

• Are workers provided with adequate rest breaks

• Are water drinking facilities available for workers

Personal Protective Equipment/Clothing (PPE)

• Equipment/Clothing is provided and used where applicable i.e. Safety Glasses, hearing Protection, Hi-Vis clothing, Closed toe shoes

• Equipment/Clothing is in good condition

• PPE signage displayed & in good order

First Aid

• Are First Aid personnel clearly identified

• Are fist aid kits available

• Are First Aid kit contents adequately stocked and regularly serviced

• First Aid Kits available in trucks

• Do all First Aiders hold a Level 2 certification

Emergency Procedures

• Are workers aware of evacuation processes

• Is a site evacuation plan visible

• Are external evacuation points clearly marked

• Adequate directional signage in place

• Are emergency exits clearly marked and unobstructed

• Are there enough exits for a prompt escape

• Are emergency contact numbers displayed

Fire Protection

• Fire extinguishers are suitable for the most likely type of fire

• Fire equipment not obstructed. Clear passage.

• Are there enough extinguishers

• Extinguishers are properly mounted

• Correct signs above fire extinguishers

• Are extinguishers regularly tested & serviced

Materials Handling & Storage

• Are materials/stock stored correctly

• Are Storage Areas are free from hazards of Fire, Explosion,Pests

• Personnel are trained in Manual Handling Techniques specific to their task

• Are correct manual handling techniques being used i.e. Bend at the knees & straight back

• Are workers observed using excessive force to perform a task

• Are workers performing tasks where they are looking up or down

• Are desks and chairs in good condition with no visible damage

• Are workers provided with safety foot steps to eliminate over reaching above chest height

• Are safety foot steps free from damage and in good condition

Machinery, Plant & Equipment

• Is equipment preventative maintenance current

• Records of equipment requiring preventative maintenance are current and accessible

• Are all operators of equipment trained & competent in its use & operation

• Operating Lights and horn functioning on the forklift

• Start and stop devices are within easy reach

• Noise levels satisfactory

• No prolonged bending/stooping is required for normal operation

• Adequate space around equipment


• Are all electrical leads/appliances tagged & within test period

• Extension leads are in good order with no visible damage

• Are extension leads correctly positioned i.e. not draped across floors

• Are power points clean and undamaged

• Are power points away from wet areas or taps

Hazardous Substances (Chemicals)

• Current material safety data sheets available, current and located at points of use

• Are all chemical containers clearly labelled

Traffic Management

• Are speed limit signs visible and in good condition

• Are pedestrian walkways clearly marked

• Are vehicle parking and loading bays clearly marked

• Are forklift warning signs clear and visible

• Are pedestrian exit and entry areas clearly marked and visible

• Are employees wearing hi Vis Clothing

General Lighting

• Adequate illumination

• Good light reflection off surfaces

• Light fittings clean and in good order

• Windows are clean

• No broken windows

Waste Management

• Paper recycling bins are located at all workstations (desks) and next to printers and copiers

• Recycle bins are emptied regularly and not over filled

• Is recycled paper being used

• Are recycling bins provided in Kitchens for plastic and food scraps

• Are general waste bins emptied regularly and not overfilled

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