Is the outside clear of litter?

Is the signage relevant, clear and up to date?

Are the Windows clean?

Does the building look well maintained?

Is the entrance welcoming and clear?

How do you rate the external of the business overall?

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First impressions

Does the inside coincide with expectations set from the outside?

Are any staff present?

Is a member of the management team available?

Was the welcome engaging, professional and friendly?

Are menus available and in prominent places for customers to find?

From a observers point of view, were welcomes consistent, engaging and friendly?

Is the business at a comfortable and welcoming temperature?

How do you rate the first impressions and 'feel' of the pub overall?

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Are the bar fridges lights on? Are the contents presentable and organised?

Are the bar tops clean and sticky free?

Are the wines in a prominent area and on show?

Is the range of wines suitable to the business?

Are wine bottles dust free?

Are premium wines being encouraged as an up-sell?

As a range, Are the beers, lagers and ciders suitable to the needs of the business?

Is the brass clean and presentable enough so that Ashley from H.O would be satisfied?

Is there is glass or mirrors on the bar. Have they been polished and cleaned?

Is the range of spirits suitable to the business trade?

Are the spirits organised and visible?

Are the spirit bottles clean?

Is the soft drinks offer viable and organised?

Is the soft drinks offer varied enough and suitable to the business?

Is the alcoholic bottle range suitable to the business?

Is the alcoholic bottle range presentable and organised?

Is there a sufficient snack offering? E.g crisps nuts

How would you rate the bar cleanliness and offering overall?

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Coffee area

Is the coffee machine clean? E.g Steamers

Are the coffee and tea range available and advertised?

Do the coffee standards match the business identity and quality?

Is take away available? Is it advertised?

Do you think the business encourages people to enjoy hot drinks either after a meal or as a lunch time offer?

Do staff take pride in their hot drinks?

Do you think there is a good enough offer for accompaniments with a hot drinks e.g cakes cookies

Would you enjoy a tea or coffee in this business?

How do you rate the hot beverages offer overall?

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Does this restaurant encourage people to dine?

Is the menu well structured/ easy on the eye?

Does the menu encourage a higher spend per head e.g starters, desserts, hot drinks

Is the cutlery polished?

Is glassware polished?

Are the tables clean, presentable and organised

Are restaurant tables set up for bookings?

Is there a clear difference between what the bar area and restaurant offer?

Is the restaurant suitable for family dining?

Is the restaurant suitable to couples?

Is the restaurant comfortable, spacious and welcoming?

How do you rate the restaurant and experience and offer overall?

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Function space

Is the space clean and presentable?

Does the space sell itself to a customer that might be enquiring about holding a function?

Are there any specific events that this space would not sell itself too?

Do you think this function space is being fully utilised to its full potential?

Is there a function pack available for customers?

Are staff clear on how to book a function and if not, what to do?

If a customer walked in today and saw this function space and were shown by the member of staff present, do you think it would encourage a confirmed booking?

Do you think this is one of the best function spaces in the area?

Is it fairly priced?

How do you rate the function room and what is has to offer overall?

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Is the garden clean and tidy?

Are the bins presentable and have they been changed regularly?

Does the garden have suitable signage so customers know where to order from?

If there is a kids play area, is it safe?

Is the kids play area secure and well maintained?

Are the umbrellas and heating working and/or being utilised?

If the pub has views, does the garden furniture utilise them?

Is the garden furniture well maintained?

Do you think there is more potential to increase income in peak times from the garden?

How do you rate this garden/ outside space overall?

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Audit summary

Would you be encouraged to dine here?

Would you be encouraged to drink here?

If walking by, do you think the business is welcoming?

If driving by, is the signage eye catching?

Do the staff match the identity of the pub?

Do you think this business is in keeping with its surroundings?

Do you think this pub has a clear identity in comparison to its competitors?

Would you recommend this pub to have a snack at?

Would you recommend this pub to dine at?

Would you recommend this pub to drink at?

Would you recommend this pub as a place for a business meeting?

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Duty manager feedback

Are the points made by the audit a fair reflection of the business?

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General manager feedback

Are the points made by the audit a fair reflection of the business?

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.